New 20AW COLLECTION “GOLDEN AGE” featuring our brand ambassador TAKUYA KIMURA, showcases 5th delivery look from October!

Takuya Kimura introduces the Fifth collection by GOLDEN AGE.

The outer, reversible down jacket uses a classical logo and rope pattern that iconic motif of the season, and the lining is a signature camo pattern.
You can enjoy both images for your style.

For the material, the jacket uses light water-repellent nylon lightweight down fabric, so you can enjoy winter golf without any stress.
The camo pattern pullover knit uses lily yarn that contains plenty of air on the outer material, and the lining uses a highly stretchable fabric that is conscious of swing, and has excellent cold protection and functionality.
In addition, the mock neck inner with a tight fit silhouette is layered to warm the neck, and we propose the best styling for this winter golf round with your special one.

Clark Reversible Down Jacket | MEN
A reversible down jacket that achieves both heat retention and light weight. The classic logo pattern that symbolizes the season on the front and the camouflage pattern on the back make it a reversible design, so you can enjoy dressing according to the mood and style of the day.

Avalon Pull Over Knit Outer | MEN
A camouflage pattern pullover knit with excellent cold protection and soft comfort unique to knits. The lining uses a windproof lining with high stretchability that is conscious of swinging. You can play without worrying about the cold even in the middle of winter.

Mock neck inner with a tight fit silhouette. We use sewing thread "Elecut ®" that has a semi-permanent antistatic effect. The perfect outfit for the winter round.