make my day 1st collection

Debuts "make my day" 1st collection

A new brand campaign film "make my day 2022" releases featuring our brand ambassador, Mr. Takuya Kimura, the renowned singer and actor.

We will introduce the selected items from “make my day” that Takuya Kimura wears in this film.

The 1st edition of make my day collection launches Wednesday June 8, 2022 at MARK & LONA global online store and in-stores as limited edition.

<The first chapter of make my day>
Get a fresh start to your day with our “make my day” collection with our comfortable crew-neck T-shirt and resort-liked shorts in your relaxing space and indulge yourself as making a breakfast, reading books, in-room fitness, any your favorite morning routine.

The make my day concept focus from morning to evening, highlighting the everyday moments that occur in our lives and make us smile. Each film follows the a man’s everyday life, connecting viewers to the ‘special moments’ where he defines for himself who he wants to be. 

See more behind-the-scenes contents below.

MMD Crew Tee

  • A crew neck T-shirt that uses a functional material that has the UV shielding effect of UPF50 +. The left chest is printed with a circle skull motif, the back is printed with a text logo, and the left side is decorated with a jacquard logo. With a relaxed fit silhouette, this is the perfect outfit for a casual style.

    By knitting fibers with different cross sections, we use a cut-and-sew fabric that has a moderate swelling feeling while maintaining its lightness. It absorbs sweat quickly and dries quickly after washing, so it is also recommended for everyday use. By using a more stretchable fabric for the collar, stress during putting on and taking off is reduced.

    Style No. MLM-2B-AA25

Vector Shorts | MEN

  • Relaxed shorts with swimwear details and a resort feel. A text logo print is printed on the right side, and a jacquard logo is used on the left side. The puller on the right pocket and the key code in the pocket use a spindle with the brand logo printed on it.

    It features a lightness like swim shorts and a relaxed silhouette. The waist size can be adjusted with the cord on the front, making it comfortable to wear without stress. Using sustainable recycled nylon thread, it is also attractive for its high stretchability that stretches vertically and horizontally. It also has water repellency, making it perfect for marine leisure. It is the first place to play an active part as resort wear.

    Style No. MLM-2B-AT25

Vector Ankle Socks | MEN

  • Sneaker socks with an impressive vector camouflage pattern. Items that were only available for ladies at 21AW are now available in men's size. The brand logo is designed on the rubber part of the mouth with a color scheme jacquard.

    High crew socks with a cotton blend that has excellent water absorption. The back seam of the color scheme peeking from the shoes is an accent.

    Style No. MLF-2B-FS08