Time Tlaveler x Takuya Kimura 5th edition

Time Tlaveler x Takuya Kimura 5th edition

2022SS 5th model worn by Takuya Kimura now on sale

For the fifth volume, a colorful short-sleeved polo shirt with a lettered logo and various motifs collaged onto a high-spec camouflage jacquard material.It features a sophisticated silhouette with a roomy body and shoulder area, while the sleeves are sharply finished.

In the 4th edition, we introduce new “Resort Collection” for the upcoming vacation season inspired by 70's florals Retro and vintage style.

The shorts feature cedar twill tape with the brand's logo printed on it, a pith name with the logo expressed in jacquard on the front edge of the belt, and stitch-style embroidery of an iron skull on the right hip. The high-stretch material woven on a dobby loom with fine diamond-shaped irregularities on the surface has a soft texture and excellent anti-transparency and UV-blocking properties with six pockets of various sizes for easy storage.

The cart bag has a minimalist original logo monogram expressed in glossy fine dots and metallic material. An open pocket on the back allows you to keep things you need to quickly retrieve.

Enjoy playing golf this Spring/Summer with our brand-new collection to play comfort and FUN!!

T.T.G.>I Motion fit 1/4 Zip Top | MEN

  • This dolman-sleeve style mock-neck T-shirt is made of a special material that provides a cooling effect that is great for summer. 3D brand logo on the collar and crown watch skull print on the left chest and back. The sleeves are sharply finished while the body is roomy for a sophisticated style. The front and back sleeve lines have been shifted to create a calculated pattern that allows for a good amount of space to accommodate large movements during swinging.

    The material is made of a material that produces a cooling effect due to vaporization heat caused by evaporation of moisture. The special cold-sensitive yarn provides a high cooling effect. The cooling effect continues even after washing, and heat and perspiration generated by layering are quickly diffused. This is the perfect summer golf wear.

    Style No. MLM-2B-AA07

Gaze Polo | MEN

  • Short-sleeved polo in high-spec camouflage jacquard material with collage of lettered logo and various motifs. Details include 3D box logo embroidery on the knit collar, a lenticular iron skull on the left chest that changes color depending on the angle of view, skull swing embroidery on the right side, and metal buttons with logo engraving on the front. The pattern is designed to give a sophisticated style, with a generous fit around the body and shoulders, and sharply finished sleeves.

    Using several types of polyester yarns, we developed a special material with an elegant luster and uneven texture. The lightweight, dry-touch jacquard material supports a comfortable round of golf. The knit-colored logo embroidery, designed three-dimensionally with skillful technique, and the colorful print, which brings out the texture of the fabric, are fused together to create a strong presence.

    Style No. MLM-2B-AP11

Raver Shorts | MEN

  • These garment-dyed shorts have an appealing hand-dyed taste and are made with the cutting-edge dyeing technology of Komatsu Matere, Japan's world-class fabric manufacturer. The right hip is embroidered with an iron skull in the style of stitches. item. Six large and six small pockets are attached to this item, providing excellent storage capacity.

    This high-stretch material is woven on a dobby loom and has a fine diamond-shaped irregularity on the surface. It has a soft texture and excellent anti-transparency and UV-blocking properties. In addition, the product-dyed finish gives the material a more natural look and a compact finish. The mid-rise, relaxed atmosphere and smart silhouette that takes advantage of the material's high-stretch properties are also appealing.

    Style No. MLM-2B-AT18

11columns MIni Tote Bag

  • A tote-type cart bag in a new standard series, featuring a classic quilt style with skulls and logos. The main material used is a jacquard fabric made of 100% nylon CorduraR yarn. This functional material is strong against tearing and abrasion, so it can be used in tough situations. A circle skull metal plate is placed on the front. The fabric of the combination is made of genuine leather-like man-made leather with a subdued texture. The sturdy and minimalistic surface of the fabric complements the main fabric, giving it a luxurious finish.

    The entire bag is designed with the combination material running in a geometric and framed pattern. While giving an elegant impression that matches the classical style, it also serves as a framework that supports the overall structure. The horizontal gusset is designed to cut diagonally downward, allowing the bag to be enjoyed in a variety of ways: by fastening the side hooks to create a sharp shape, by removing the hooks to make the gusset larger, or by weaving the gusset inward to make it more compact. The large open pocket on the back can be used to store items you need to quickly retrieve. A top zipper prevents the contents inside from spilling out.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SB32