Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN
Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN

Divine▲ Techne Pants | MEN


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Practice jersey pants with a tight-fitting silhouette that use high-performance materials that flexibly respond to the various movements required of athlete golfers. The right thigh is decorated with a circle skull and text motif gradation print, and the waist cord uses a spindle with a logo print. A slim tapered silhouette that gives a little space to the hips and naturally narrows from the thighs to the hem. It is an item that combines ease of movement and stylishness. It is also recommended to wear it in a driving range or practice scene.

The technical material "REVOLUTIONALR ZENIT" from Carvico of Italy, which has both elegant appearance and functionality, is used. Regardless of how often or how long you wear it, it always supports your body movements, providing a perfect fit and excellent shape retention. It features anti-friction fluff resistance, UV function (50+), quick-drying, breathability, compression function, and abundant functionality of perfect fit. The striking cross-designed laser punching on the back of the knee provides breathability in sweaty areas, while providing a comfortable fit with high design and functionality. It is a setup design with the light outer (MLM-2A-AD05) of the same material.

How to care
[Washing method]
・ Do not soak in water for a long time.
・ Turn it over and use the laundry net.
・ Do not wash with other items when washing.
・ Please avoid using bleach and detergent containing bleach.
・ Do not stack with other laundry in a wet state.
・ Please avoid direct ironing on the printed part.
・ When ironing, please use a cloth and avoid ironing the attached parts.

* This product uses some resin. Aged deterioration may occur depending on usage conditions.
* This material may transfer color to other clothing or underwear when it gets wet with friction (especially this friction when it is wet) or sweat or rain. Also, if you are exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time, there is a risk of discoloration, so please be careful when wearing and storing.
* The print of this product is a specially processed product. It is not permanent, and if it is rubbed or rubbed, it will easily come off, and it will become slightly thinner after repeated washing and cleaning. Please be careful when handling.
* Rough textures, loose textures with irregularities on the back surface, and those with threads protruding on the front surface tend to be caught by a little carelessness. Please be careful when handling.
* Be careful not to rub the bag more than necessary when wearing it. Also, be careful not to get caught in rough surfaces such as surrounding walls.
* Accessories and watches may cause the thread to fray, so it is recommended to attach them after wearing them.


44(S) 75 27.5 73 28 58 98.5
46(M) 79 28 74.5 29 60.5 102.5
48(XL) 83 28.5 76 30 63 106.5
50(XL) 87 29 77.5 31 65.5 110.5

※The color and size of items you see online are different from the actual thing.※

●MAIN:71% Nylon, 29% Polyurethane

Style No.MLM-2A-AT11

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