Ruler Ice Bag
Ruler Ice Bag
Ruler Ice Bag
Ruler Ice Bag
Ruler Ice Bag
Ruler Ice Bag
Ruler Ice Bag
Ruler Ice Bag

Ruler Ice Bag


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An ice sac that is indispensable for summer golf with a popular quilt pattern design. A silver foil print is applied to the lid, and a logo is placed on the pull tab that can be removed with Naskan. You can comfortably play golf in the summer with just one, so it is recommended to put it in a caddy bag with the ball, tee and gloves.

A summer essential that effectively lowers the body temperature by cooling the back of the neck and head extensively like a massage. Not limited to golf, it is an indispensable item for those who enjoy sports under the scorching sun. If you combine it with the same quilt pattern series such as "MLM-2A_AL03" and "MLS-2A-SS01", you can appeal your commitment to total coordination.

How to care
・ Do not use this product for any purpose other than ice packs.
・ This product is not manufactured for the treatment of illness or injury.
・ Do not use if you have allergies or have sensitive skin.
・ Do not use on areas where there is numbness on the wearing area or where there is an abnormality on the skin.
・ Do not use if you have hypersensitivity to cold, poor blood circulation, or neuropathy.


SIZE Diameter

●Cap: ABS resin ●Lining: Polyester ●Lining: Polyvinyl chloride ●Packing: Silicone rubber ●Mouthpiece: Polypropylene / Aluminum ●Metal part: Iron ●Tape part: Nylon

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