Vector Hand Warmer
Vector Hand Warmer
Vector Hand Warmer
Vector Hand Warmer
Vector Hand Warmer
Vector Hand Warmer
Vector Hand Warmer

Vector Hand Warmer


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Hand-arm glove made entirely of POLARTEC® fleece. The mitten with puffy padding is an essential item to keep your hands warm on the golf course in winter. The size of the glove allows it to be used with the glove on, making it easy to put on and take off while playing. The large iron skull embroidery design is combined with a polyester suede fabric patch. The mix of different materials creates a crisp, impactful design. Coordination with apparel using the same material (MLM-2D-AC06, MLM-2D-AT16, MLW-2D-AE16) is also recommended.

TThe main body boasts warmth retention, breathability, and high wind resistance, and is made of POLARTEC® fleece printed with a vector camouflage pattern. Made of quick-drying, lightweight polyester with 4-way stretch for a wide range of motion. Ribbed material at the opening of the cuffs provides a good wrist hold. The soft fleece lining gently protects the non-gloved hand. The inside is made of a high-function brushed material that converts moisture and perspiration into heat to retain heat. Excess moisture is released, keeping the hands dry and comfortable at all times.
Two sizes are available: size M for small hands and women, and size L for men.

[How to care]
・Do not leave the garment to soak in water.
・Do not wash with other items when washing.
・Do not stack them with other laundry when wet.

M 20 18
L 20.5 20

※Please be careful not to snag the embroidery.

※This material may transfer color to other clothes or underwear when wet due to friction (especially friction in a damp state), sweat, or rain. Also, prolonged exposure to strong sunlight (or lighting) may cause discoloration, so please be careful when wearing and storing.
※The print on this product is specially processed. It is not permanent, and is easily removed when rubbed or scuffed, and may fade slightly after repeated washing in water or cleaning. Please be careful when handling the product.
※Please be aware that the prints may be damaged if the prints are subjected to excessive expansion, contraction, or irritation.
※Storing in a high temperature and humidity environment such as in a car or in an enclosed space may cause color migration to other clothing or bags, so please handle with care. DETAILS
●MAIN:100% Polyester

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