Introduces some our new arrivals by CODE collection, from perfect fit inner, high-spec comfortable pants to sleeveless tops and skirt that perfect for the coming Fall golf season! In addition, we recommend the cart bag, which is made of a shiny fabric that shines elegantly like satin and is perfect for a mode minimalist style.
Enjoy perfect golf life with our new CODE COLLECTION items.



  • Mock-neck short-sleeved T-shirt in elegant, stretchy functional fabric. CODE logo print on the front and triangle-shaped CODE logo print on the collar. The pattern features an elegant silhouette and easy swing while allowing a little more room in the body width. The relaxed fit makes it ideal for the practice scene. It is a highly wearable item that can be worn alone or with lightweight outerwear.

    The main body is made of "VITA," a functional material produced by Carvico of Italy. It is a high-spec material that is abrasion resistant, anti-fluffing, chlorine resistant, UV resistant (50+), quick drying, breathable, and perfect fit. A sustainable fabric made from ECONYL®, a recycled nylon born in Italy, sublimating the problem of waste as a fashion solution. It is ultra-resistant, thin yet soft, and stretchable. The inner collar is made of Carvico's gorgeous shiny jersey fabric. The hydrophilic finish of the material allows it to quickly absorb water and not hold it in, allowing moisture to escape out of the fiber and keep you comfortable.

    Style No. MCW-2C-AA50


  • Shorts made of twill material with an elegant appearance and 4-way stretch. CODE logo print on the right hem, and logo engraved dot buttons on the back pocket flap. Each zipper has an original puller. The mid-rise, slightly loose fit at the hips and hem makes the legs look slimmer, longer, and cleaner. The dotted buttons on the back flap pockets are magnetic and arranged to look sleek even when the flaps are closed. It is a dress that focuses on the beauty of the silhouette.

    The main material is nylon yarn with excellent transparency prevention function, And is a lightweight material that women will be happy to wear. The high-stretch fabric follows every movement and supports comfortable rounds. Elasticized waistband for durability, dimensional stability, and comfort. The length of the front and back pants is differentiated for a more fashionable look.

    Style No. MCW-2C-AT50


  • Jacquard knit vest with a super BIG logo for outstanding impact. With the CODE logo expressed in jacquard on the front left body, a metallic three-dimensional CODE logo on the left chest, and a metallic plate with the logo engraved on the back, this item has a strong presence. With a regular fit silhouette and open zipper for easy on/off, this item also expands the range of styling depending on how the zipper is opened.

    The three-dimensional uneven knitting running vertically and horizontally creates a mode atmosphere. The high count Pe processed yarn used is characterized by its flexibility and powder touch. The non-stress fit and moderate stretchiness support comfortable rounds.

    Style No. MCM-2C-AB50


  • High-performance technical pants with all the features to support the golf scene. We have arranged a dot button with logo engraving, a zipper with original puller, a triangle-shaped code logo print on the right front, a code logo print on the right side, a cord with logo print on the hem and an eyelet with logo engraving. It is a regular fit silhouette with a moderate volume left on the whole, and the color scheme piping in the side highlights the straight line. By squeezing the adjuster on the hem and adjusting the silhouette, you can expand the variation of the day's styling and combination with shoes.

    Made from Swiss innovative fabric maker schoeller®.3XDRY® technology with two technologies in a single fiber provides a comfortable cooling effect without showing signs of sweating, And improves waterproof and anti-stain functionality. Keep the skin dry for a long time and dry quickly after washing. A large zipper pocket is placed on the left side to store small items such as scorecards. It is also a good point that it is easy to use when traveling by car or plane because it is placed in a place where you can take out things inside while sitting down.

    Style No.MCM-2C-AT52