MARK & LONA introduces the all-new CODE collection to its AW22 apparel range, designed to keep you playing in all conditions.

CODE Collction comprises a range of garments feature the high-quality materials with latest technological innovations to provide thermal protection against the elements without compromising performance on the course.


  • This pullover knit is made of high-quality cashmere with a faux layered design for playfulness. The jacquard iron skull and metal logo charm on the left chest and cashmere tag on the left hem give it a luxurious look. The pattern has an elegant silhouette and gives us an easy swing since there is a little room in the body width.

    It is used the cashmere material is called "the jewel of fibers" and fascinates wearers with its superlative softness and heat retention properties. Cashmere is made from the hair that grows to survive the cold winter months, so it has superior heat and moisture retention properties compared to other wool materials. You can feel the difference during midwinter rounds.

    Style No. MCW-2C-AB50


  • This jacquard knit skirt features an impressive super BIG logo. The distinctive ribbing with a different pitch makes this piece stand out from its surroundings. The left skirt has a jacquard CODE logo, the right back pocket has a triangle CODE logo charm, and the left back hem rib is embroidered with the color-coded CODE logo. The slit at the front supports smooth leg movement, while the calculated design creates just the right amount of slack. The silhouette is high rise for a stylish look and tight to the body line.

    Dull rayon filament and stretch nylon are twisted into a cord-like yarn, and then twisted in two more processes to create a more expressive yarn. It has a comfortable kick-back but matte texture with a drapey feel. The ribbed knit fabric is used throughout to follow various movements, allowing for stress-free wear during rounds.

    Style No. MCW-2C-AE53


  • This tailored jacket is made of thick and resilient ponch fabric, highlighting its sharp lines. It has four-hole buttons with logo engraving on the front, cuffs, and inside pockets, a triangle-shaped CODE logo metallic charm on the left lapel, and a metallic plate with logo engraving on the back, creating a cool atmosphere.

    The fitted silhouette is constructed with three-sided panels, and the short length and narrow lapels are stylish. Easy to move and elegant, the side vents feature a hidden elastic through which each vent is connected, a detail that prevents the hem from spreading too wide. This item is designed to give you "a beautiful jacket style at any time. We recommend coordinating this item with pants (MCM-2C-AT53) with a set-up design and five-pocket pants (MCM-2C-AT54) using the same fabric for a smart-casual look.

    Style No. MCM-2C-AJ50


  • Classic single-tuck trouser pants in thick, bouncy ponch fabric. Four-hole buttons with logo engraving on front and back pockets and inner hanging parts, and a metallic charm with triangle-shaped CODE logo on the left front loop. Tapered silhouette with room around the hips and thighs and slimming toward the hem. The deep tucks in the front create a classical atmosphere and give the garment a comfortable feel, while the sleek silhouette is achieved.

    The outer fabric is made of a ponch material that combines the high quality of wool with the fullness of acrylic. The fabric has warmth retention and moderate stretchability, allowing for stress-free wear despite its sharp appearance. The inside of the belt is made of slip-resistant tricot. It prevents the hem from sliding up even when worn with a shirt in and improves the fit around the waist. A mini pocket with a zipper is located on the right side for storing small items such as tees. Recommended to wear with the set-up design jacket (MCM-2C-AJ50).

    Style No.MCM-2C-AT53