Discover New 22AW PARIS Styles

Discover New 22AW PARIS Styles

MARK & LONA presents the AW22 collection with the theme of PARIS bringing together the 1st edition of monthly basis delivery, we introduce the signature looks of this month.

In the August delivery items from PARIS, we introduce a new “High-performance styles inspired by 1890's French retro and romantic style.

Odeon Polo | WOMEN

  • Recycle Ace short-sleeved polo that keeps you comfortable with a dry touch. A signature 3D iron skull on the left chest, a unique golf ball button on the placket, a new design piss name expressing the season theme on the left side, and a skull swing print on the right side. Adopted a regular fit pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body. The collar, placket and cuffs are colored to create an impressive contrast.

    Uses recycled yarn and environmentally friendly sustainable materials. It features a dry touch due to its uneven structure, and its excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties keep it in a comfortable state. The stylish collar is made of honeycomb-structured jacquard material. Because it is firmly knitted, it keeps a beautiful line even when the collar is raised.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AP05

Avenir Flare Joggers | WOMEN

  • Full-length pants with a flare silhouette made of high-performance 2WAY stretch material that expands and contracts with body movements. A bold brand logo print on the left thigh and a dot button with the logo engraved on the front are arranged. High-rise, tight fit from waist to hip, and a flared silhouette that naturally attaches to the body from thigh to hem, but gives you some leeway. The center pin tack is sharp and keeps an elegant impression.

    We have adopted "B-FIT," a high-functioning material from Italy's JERSEY LOMELLINA company. It's highly stretchable and follows every movement. Even if you sweat, it's distributed and dried repeatedly to keep you comfortable. Perfect fit, UV protection (UPF50+) and quick dry specification. It has high functionality and gives you an elegant atmosphere.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AT02

Médoc Zip Top | MEN

  • A half zip worm inner is made of an original functional material that warmly wraps the body by a radiation function by far infrared rays. By adopting a fitted pattern on the side panel, the far-red effect is maximized. I will be active in the round in the middle of winter round. I had PARIS and signature iron skull print on my left chest and logo print on my right sleeve.

    Heat insulating yarn HEAT CHARGE®, which is kneaded with far-infrared radiation ceramic in acrylic fiber, is used. It has a high heat insulation effect and excellent stretchability, and the silhouette is finished with a good fit by utilizing its performance. Longer zippers ensure moderate ventilation. It's easy to attach and detach. "For sewing, we use the sewing thread "Elecut®" which has a semi-permanent electrostatic reduction effect.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AC02

Atlas Jaquard Jersey Pants | MEN

  • Environmentally friendly recycled nylon jersey TECH pants. This season's iconic Fleur de Squirrel (Lily Flower) has been dropped into the design and finished with the signature Iron Skull pattern. There are logo engraved buttons on the front and pockets, circle scull design D-ring on the left front belt loop, silicon wappen with logo on the right hip, and stripe knit tape on the side. It is a tapered silhouette that makes your hips and thighs more relaxed and slim toward the hem.

    It uses original jacquard materials created by MADE IN ITALY's innovative technology. It is a recycled material with features such as hold ability, perfect fit, and quick dryness to keep silhouette beautiful. The waist is made of rubber inbells for durability, dimensional stability and comfort.

    Style No.MLM-2C-AT07