Many New Arrivals by 22AW COLLECTION


Many new items from MARK & LONA's AW collection are available NOW! The iconic Fleur de Lis (= lily flower) symbolizing this season, the design with the signature and iron skull all over pattern, and the jersey material items using environmentally friendly recycled nylon. Please enjoy Autumn golf with fashionable way.


Atlas Jacquard Knit Vest | MEN

  • This season's iconic Fleur de Squirrel "a Lily" and signature Iron Skull full-pattern Jacquard knit vest. We put a logo charm on the left chest and a striped knit tape on the shoulder and armpit. The ribbed collar and cuffs are made of polyester thread with a soft powder touch, which adds sporty essence to the classical atmosphere.

    Off-scale (shrink proof) processing has been applied to the extra fine merino wool, which features a soft texture. This is an innovative item that enables easy care by using washable wool and high-function polyester yarn. It is finished in a style that fits well by taking advantage of the elasticity of the material.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AB01

Nico Velvet Mockneck Shirts | MEN

  • High-neck UV inner made from Italian high-quality velvet, with excellent stretchability and smooth texture.The signature Iron Skull & PARIS print is placed on the left chest and the logo print on the left sleeve.It has a style with a fit that makes use of the material characteristics, and keeps the neck warm by folding back the high collar.It's perfect for winter rounds.

    PANAMA by Carvico, a nylon velvet material with an elegant gloss and smooth feel, is adopted.It is a highly functional material that has high stretchability and UV effect in all directions while maintaining a high-quality feel."For sewing, we use the sewing thread ""Elecut®"" which has a semi-permanent electrostatic reduction effect."

    Style No. MLM-2C-AU02

Ruler Embossed 5PK | MEN

  • Slim-fit 5-pocket pants with RULER PATTERN embossed texture and high stretchability. We put a tack button with a logo engraved on the front, a Velcro patch with logo embroidery on the back of the band, a Velcro emblem in the back left pocket, a tag in the back right pocket, and a hoof-shaped D-ring on the left front belt loop. It is middle-sized and has a smart silhouette that takes advantage of the characteristics of the material.

    High quality stretch twill material with both polyester form stability and natural texture. The waist is made of rubber inbells for durability, dimensional stability and comfort. Gloves can be attached to the Velcro part attached to the back left pocket (*Please move the Velcro patch to the belt part patch for use).Smart and convenient details.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AT06

Odeon Polo | WOMEN

  • Recycle Ace short-sleeved polo that keeps you comfortable with a dry touch. A signature 3D iron skull on the left chest, a unique golf ball button on the placket, a new design piss name expressing the season theme on the left side, and a skull swing print on the right side. Adopted a regular fit pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body. The collar, placket and cuffs are colored to create an impressive contrast.

    Uses recycled yarn and environmentally friendly sustainable materials. It features a dry touch due to its uneven structure, and its excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties keep it in a comfortable state. The stylish collar is made of honeycomb-structured jacquard material. Because it is firmly knitted, it keeps a beautiful line even when the collar is raised.

    Style No.MLW-2C-AP05

Divonne Shaggy Vest | WOMEN

  • Original checkered jacquard knit vest with deep V-neck and short length for a trendy feel.The 3D circle scullwappen on the left chest and the brand logo on the back are expressed with jacquard.

    The high stretchability of knitwear makes it easy to move, and it can handle dynamic movements such as golf swing smoothly.Because the chest is wide open, you can wear it like an adult, and you can enjoy different facial expressions depending on the innerwear you wear inside.This knit fabric combines long fur-like yarn with slippery polyester yarn, giving both girly and elegant impression.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AB01

Atlas Pleats Skirt | WOMEN

  • Pleated skirt made of environmentally friendly recycled nylon jersey.This season's iconic Fleur de Squirrel (Lily Flower) has been dropped into the design and finished with the signature Iron Skull pattern.There are logo engraved buttons on the left side and back pockets, circle skull D-ring on the left front belt loop, and silicon wappen with logo on the right hip.It has a just waist, the front is all pleated, and the back is only pleated at the hem.The front desk also stops pleating under the hip line, so you don't have to worry that the hem is too wide when you swing.Comes with mini-length inner pants.

    It uses original jacquard materials created by MADE IN ITALY's innovative technology.It is a recycled material with features such as holdability, perfect fit, and quick dryness to keep silhouette beautiful.The waist is made of rubber inbells for durability, dimensional stability and comfort.

    Style No.MLW-2C-AE07

Lotus Green Walker Mid W/Strap | MEN and WOMEN

  • A mid-cut studless sneaker with a mid-cut belt that shows camouflage patterns in patchwork. It is a three-dimensional design made by hollowing out strong, light synthetic leather and metallic material into a camouflage shape and sewing it all over. The overall silhouette gives a classical and clean impression. Its simple and elegant design matches MARK & LONA's luxurious coordination. It comes with a tote bag-shaped shoe storage bag as an accessory. The sneakers fit perfectly and can be used as a carry-on bag. The heavy drawer-type package is also a point. It has a clean and minimal design and is also recommended as a gift.

    Style No. MLS-2C-SS02