Check out our new tops items you must have.

Although the hot summer wether is still going on, MARK & LONA has released the autumn colored tops items which you can wear from now on. Please enjoy our these sophisticated and mature autumn colored tops.



  • Panel-cut sleeveless polo with symbolic BIG logo print. The popular men's item is now available in a women's version. The two-tone CODE logo print on the front, a triangle CODE logo charm on the left collar, and metallic buttons on the placket with logo engraving. The regular fit pattern allows for an elegant silhouette and easy swinging, while providing a little more room in the body width. This is a particular item that pursues lines that make women look beautiful.

    The main body is made of "JERSEYLOMELLINA_3D," a techno material with a highly fashionable three-dimensional structure that is also used for swimwear. It is a high-spec material with 2-way stretch, UV cut (UPF50+), quick-drying, breathability, and a perfect fit. In addition, "REVOLUTIONAL® MILD" by Carvico of Italy is used for the back yoke. This techno material combines an elegant appearance with functions such as abrasion resistance, fluff resistance, and compression. Regardless of how often it is worn or how long it is used, it always supports the body's movements, providing a perfect fit and excellent shape retention.

    Style No. MCW-2C-AP51

Nico Velvet Mockneck Shirts | MEN

  • High-neck UV inner made from Italian high-quality velvet, with excellent stretchability and smooth texture. The signature Iron Skull & PARIS print is placed on the left chest and the logo print on the left sleeve. It has a style with a fit that makes use of the material characteristics, And keeps the neck warm by folding back the high collar. It's perfect for winter rounds.

    PANAMA by Carvico, a nylon velvet material with an elegant gloss and smooth feel, is adopted. It is a highly functional material that has high stretchability and UV effect in all directions while maintaining a high-quality feel. "For sewing, we use the sewing thread ""Elecut®"" which has a semi-permanent electrostatic reduction effect."

    Style No.MLM-2C-AU02

Odeon Polo | WOMEN

  • Recycle Ace short-sleeved polo that keeps you comfortable with a dry touch. A signature 3D iron skull on the left chest, a unique golf ball button on the placket, a new design piss name expressing the season theme on the left side, and a skull swing print on the right side. Adopted a regular fit pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body. The collar, placket and cuffs are colored to create an impressive contrast.

    Uses recycled yarn and environmentally friendly sustainable materials. It features a dry touch due to its uneven structure, and its excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties keep it in a comfortable state. The stylish collar is made of honeycomb-structured jacquard material. Because it is firmly knitted, it keeps a beautiful line even when the collar is raised.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AP05

Two Lives TR Tech Hoodie | MEN

  • This TR TECH jacket is made of a high-tension fabric with a brushed back, making it ideal for winter training. It has bi-directional stretch, temperature regulation with moisture management, anti-bacterial, UV cut, and pilling resistance, making it suitable for all active situations. Signature iron skull/GOLF logo print on left chest, logo print on back, and signature iron skull/TRAINING logo print on hood. The logo is also designed on the adjusters and each zipper pull. The body and sleeves have a slightly loose fit, but the pattern is designed to fit without getting in the way when swinging. This item has been calculated to be easy to wear but not too loose. We recommend wearing it with the set-up design pants (MLM-2C-AT05).

    Made of "Artica by Carvico," a functional material with high stretchability, antibacterial effect, and UV cut effect (UPF 50+). The hydrophilic finish quickly absorbs moisture and keeps it from accumulating, allowing it to escape out of the fiber to maintain comfort. The raised surface on the reverse side uses hollow fibers to hold in air for improved insulation. It keeps you comfortable and warm. Sewing is done with "ELECUT®," a sewing thread with semi-permanent electrostatic reduction properties.

    Style No.MLM-2C-AD03