We take a closer look at one of the best options in the golf bag categlty as our new 22SS/AW series.


Vector Gradate Stand Bag

  • Based on an impressive vector camouflage pattern, this lightweight stand type caddie bag has a gradation print that connects to the whole. Based on the waterproof printed fabric, we have combined metallic fabric as a combination. Waterproof fasteners are used for the zipper, and the seams are also waterproofed with seam tape, so the functionality is excellent. The pocket for small items has a bright gradation patch linked to the entire color, and the magnet type allows you to open and close it with one touch. In addition, fine inner pockets corresponding to various movements during the play are placed everywhere. We support players' movements without stress.

    Full set type for 47-inch club, four-part partition. It weighs 2.9kg and is popular among women and people who use it in practice. The mouth frame is the mainstream size type 9.It is a double shoulder type that can be carried like a backpack, And distributes the weight on the shoulder even when carrying it for a long time such as self-play. It reduces the burden of moving.

    Style No. MLS-2B-SC41

11columns Cart Bag

  • A cart-type caddy bag that combines a monogram with a logo expressed in fine glossy dots and a metallic material. A logo with a minimal design is placed in a lean form that makes the most of the space. The handle part at the bottom of the front is integrated with the pocket. The built-in shape makes the overall form sharper. With a stamped logo on the front and a metal plate with a circle skull, it is simple and luxurious, and can be matched to various coordination.

    Metallic enamel material is used everywhere in the chic design, which is composed entirely of monotone, to give a sharp and sophisticated impression. A pouch with a removable wallet chain is in the side pocket, and the design is like wearing a silver accessory, further enhancing the sense of luxury. The pouch is removable and can be used as a tea holder or marker holder. The front pocket for small items is magnetic and can be easily opened and closed. The total weight is 4.6kg, and the mainstream 9inch mouth frame size. The pocket has an inner pocket that can store small items in detail, so you can use it functionally. A cover to prevent entanglement is attached to the metal part of the strap to enhance functionality and luxury.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SC32

Gauge Camo Boston Bag

  • A Madison-type Boston bag that can hold one night's luggage. The front has an embossed plate with the same design as the metal marker. In addition to white, pink, and navy, which have a pattern that is embossed by dyeing nylon and polyester separately, a new color, black, that has a pattern that is embossed with hollow fiber nylon is now available. The main material is cordura fabric, which is a functional material. It is strong against tearing and fraying, And can be used with confidence even in tough situations. Genuine leather-like artificial leather with a calm texture is used for the combination fabric. The tough and smooth texture complements the main fabric, giving it a luxurious finish.

    Style No. MLS-1A-SB11

Gauge Camo Tiny Tote

  • A boat-shaped cart bag of "PREMIUM GAUGE CAMO SP", which is a greatly upgraded version of the standard camo jacquard series. Comes with a convenient cold and heat insulation function during the round. The jacquard fabric made from Cordura® yarn, which is mainly used, is a functional material that is strong against tearing and fraying. You can use it with confidence even in tough situations. The front has a circle skull metal badge that looks like an openwork.

    At first glance, it looks like a normal bag, but it is easier to keep the temperature of the drink by sandwiching a sheet with cold and heat insulation functions in the core material. Original jacquard tape is used for the mouth frame and hand-held handle. There is also a zipper pocket on the back, so you can store things you want to take out immediately. The inner pocket is equipped with functions necessary during play, such as a pocket for two balls and a tee holder. It also has a zipper pocket and a pocket for small items for fine storage. With a top zipper, you don't have to worry about seeing or spilling inside.

    Style No. MLS-1C-SB02

Archives Golf Bag

  • A caddie bag with a colorful ARCHIVE pattern with a VACATION motif printed on a high-quality embossed synthetic leather material. Each panel is hidden with embroidered motifs, and this item has a HORN GARMENT-like design filled with pop impressions and elaborate gimmicks. The frame part is embroidered with the brand theme MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER, and the lining is made of bore material that protects the club from scratches.

    Compatible with 46 inches, the mouth frame is 9 type and 6 port type. It weighs approximately 4.6 kg and is equipped with a large pocket, And is designed to store small items such as tees and markers, as well as gloves, balls and rainwear for each item.

    Style No.HCS-2A-SC21

Archives Boston Bag

  • This Boston bag is made of high-quality grainy synthetic leather material printed with a colorful ARCHIVE pattern with a VACATION motif. An embroidered motif is hidden in each panel, giving this item a pop impression and an elaborate gimmicky design typical of HORN GARMENT. The brand name is accented with ORANGE-colored tape in jacquard.

    Large capacity for 2 or 3 days' worth of clothing, with shoulder belt. The outside multi-pocket is convenient for storing a smartphone, card case, or other items that you want to quickly take out. Inside, there is an inner pocket with zipper and Velcro detailing to prevent falling. Small items can also be stored separately.

    Style No. HCS-2A-SB22