CODE COLLECTION recommend items

CODE COLLECTION recommend items

MARK & LONA “CODE” is a new high-end collection, focus on the “Efficient” of the design concept.
The detail features highlight the functionality of the design. The sporty style is suitable for golfer to wear on and off the course.


  • This sleeveless polo shirt pursues lines that make women look beautiful. The design is fresh and makes the shoulders look slender. The left breast is decorated with a three-dimensional wrist of the CODE logo, a triangle CODE logo charm is placed at the tip of the left collar, and a placket is decorated with a plunger button with logo engraving. It is a regular fit pattern with a little bit of room in the body width and a little bit of shape in the waist, allowing for an elegant silhouette and easy swing.

    2-way stretch material with excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties is used. The dry feel of the canoko material and the soft, smooth texture of the 46-gauge knitted fabric give it an elegant look. UV-cut functionality and the shoulder design block out the sun, making it perfect for midsummer rounds. Copper-colored metal parts sparkle like accessories and give a gorgeous impression around the face.

    Style No. MCW-3B-AP52


  • Mock neck short sleeve knit with seamless design and cool comfort. One-point CODE triangle icon embroidery on the front, CODE logo and season number embroidery on the back. The knitting method is changed according to the parts to construct a beautiful three-dimensional body line, and a stretchy ribbed structure is used for the high range of motion areas. Despite the tight silhouette, it flexibly follows every movement.

    This is a seamless WHOLEGARMENT knit, employing a new material that combines cross section polyester kneaded with ceramics and cotton. Compared to regular polyester with a round cross section, this material is 15% lighter. It has a UV care effect by blocking ultraviolet rays, a cooling effect by blocking heat, water absorption and quick-drying properties by capillary action, and an anti-transparency effect, etc., to address concerns from early spring to late summer, such as sunburn, sweat stains, and heat.

    Style No. MCW-3A-AB50



  • Half-zip mock-neck short-sleeved T-shirt with powdery touch & contact cooling for a cool and comfortable fit. CODE logo print on the front, seasonal logo print on the back body side, and triangle-shaped CODE logo charm on the right sleeve. The high-stretch material characteristics are utilized to minimize excess gaps for a just-fit silhouette. It is an item that can be worn alone or with outerwear, and can be enjoyed in a wide range of outfits.

    This item is multifunctional with UV protection, anti-transparency, and a cooling sensation, and has a light powdery touch to the skin. It is also highly stretchable and follows every movement of the golf scene, including swings. The shoulder area is made of an uneven mesh material with excellent water absorption and quick-drying properties. The moderate transparency adds a charming feminine accent.

    Style No. MCW-3A-AC51


  • These center pin-tucked shorts are made of a soft material that feels good against the skin and is light and comfortable to wear. Rubber print of CODE logo and season number on the back center of the belt, triangle silicon pith under the left front belt, and tape with original logo print on the front zipper pull. Mid-rise, comfortable elastic-in-bell waist. The hip and hem are slightly roomy to give you a slender and beautiful silhouette.

    Made of nylon scuba material that is soft and comfortable to the skin. The scuba knit structure is knitted in a high gauge to bring out the best of the jersey material, while the beautiful surface texture creates an elegant impression. The pintucks in the center of these casual jersey shorts give them a formal look.

    Style No. MCW-3B-AT52