Must buy MARK & LONA for 2022 Autumn・Winter items

We launch items such as down vests made of high-quality goose down that can be quickly woven to keep you warm even in suddenly cold weather, and down jackets that are lightweight, warm, and comfortable, with down and cotton filling used in different parts.
In addition, you may tend to wear toned down colors in the fall and winter, but the vivid red and yellow knits will surely look great on the green.
Please enjoy the upcoming golf season with a new knit.

MARK & LONA - Forum Mechanic Crew Tops | MEN

  • MARK & LONA - Forum Mechanic Crew Tops | MEN
  • This crew-neck knit top features a big motorsports-inspired logo boldly expressed in jacquard. The left chest is decorated with a super-dimensional metallic logo print, and the left sleeve has a circle skull badge. The body is stylishly made with volume and a gradual narrowing toward the hem. In addition, the sleeves employ a three-dimensional pattern to create a simple yet silhouette-focused item.

    Recycled polyester yarn made from used plastic bottles is used. Made in Japan from raw material procurement to manufacturing, this recycled yarn is characterized by its flexibility and powder touch. The zipper on the left

    Style No. MLM-2D-AB34

MARK & LONA - Forum Hybrid Down Jacket | MEN

  • This full-zip down blouson stands out with its iconic motorsports-inspired logo. It features a 3D metallic logo print on the left chest, a 3D circle skull print on the right chest, a 3D logo print on the back, logo printed spindles at the hem, and a zipper pull with an engraved logo. A sophisticated pattern is used to make the collar and sleeves look sharp, while the body has a good amount of room. The freedom sleeve construction is designed to follow dynamic movements during swinging. The hem spindles can be tightened to prevent wind from entering the garment and to keep the garment warm. It also helps to keep the excess hem area, which is a concern when swinging, in line with the body.

    The cardboard material is made of soft, lightweight nylon fiber that feels comfortable against the skin. This material combines the stretch and beauty of jersey with the lightness and fullness of a corrugated cardboard structure. The taffeta material is also ultra-lightweight with an acrylic coating on the reverse side. Its high windproofness and moisture permeability keep the garment comfortable to wear. Down and cotton padding are used in different parts of the garment to provide lightness, warmth, and comfort.

    Style No. MLM-2D-AD34

  • MARK & LONA - Forum Hybrid Down Jacket | MEN

MARK & LONA - Deux Crew Neck Sweater | MEN

  • MARK & LONA - Deux Crew Neck Sweater | MEN
  • This pullover knit has a sporty look with a large border line design. The circle skull and MARK & LONA logo are boldly expressed in jacquard on the front and back. A metallic white circle skull badge shines on the left chest.

    The deep color and texture are expressed by dyeing after knitting. The pattern has an elegant silhouette and gives us easy swinging since there is a little of room in the body width.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AB03

MARK & LONA - Aveux Spounge Jacket | WOMEN

  • This zip-up blouson combines sporty materials with classic details such as down and ribbed knit. The left chest features a skull print and a double MARK & LONA logo charm below it, while the upper back features a MARK & LONA logo print. The neck is made of knitted ribs to reduce cold wind penetration. The compact, fitted silhouette gives a minimalist impression. We recommend coordinating this item with the skirt (MLW-2C-AE36) made of the same material.

    A mix of cardboard knit material with moderate puffiness and a fine, beautiful surface texture and an elegant taffeta material with stretch properties. The back, sleeves, and side parts, which require a wide range of movement, are made of a highly stretchable cardboard knit, the upper front is made of down, and the lining is made of a highly stretchable windproof knit. This material provides both ease of movement and warmth, supporting a more comfortable round of golf.

    Style No.MLW-2C-AD36

  • MARK & LONA - Aveux Spounge Jacket | WOMEN