HORN GARMENT presents the new "PLAY ART" collection inspired by the Mid-century from the 1940s - 60s.

The modern-art design look is one of the trends featured this season, where neutral tones take center stage, with geometric pattern logo, color blocking knits, hybrid fleeces and more come to Winter sports life on green and snow through artistic colors.

The seasonal collaboration with Grateful Dead by VINTAGE COLLECTION features original artwork of colorful tie-dyed Grateful Dead SWING BEAR. Highlighted items include the unisex polo shirts, T-shirts, hoodeis, caps, bags and more.

Another new unique commitment in this season is GIMMIE COLLECTION, with stylings that are inspired by the 70's skate culture combine retro skate icons and silhouettes with high-performance materials, for more playful offerings.

Finally, the SIGNATURE collection, an offering which aims to RELAX & LUXURY, in which stylish, sophisticated and relaxed design with Nordics pattern polo & outer pieces, pale toned rainbow knit items.

Dialogue Crew neck Sweater | WOMEN

  • A crew neck knit inspired by modern design art designed with bold overall design patterns.I have a jacquard with a block logo on my chest and a MID CENTURY logo on my left hem.It's made of seasonal ingredients to enhance the mood of the autumn/winter golf scene.

    Regular silhouette.Made of polyester yarn with quick-drying absorption properties, the whole is knitted with a 14-gauge high-gauge jacquard.Only the handle and logo part are knitted with fluffy, voluminous threads to give a three-dimensional feel.

    Style No. HCW-2C-AB05

ADialogue Stretch Bomber | MEN

  • A light outer with bold, full-patterned designs inspired by modern design art.I put a zipper with a logo on the front, a MID CENTURY logo name on the left hem, and a block logo print on the chest.The cuffs and hem are ribbed to prevent wind and sand from entering and to enhance the fit.The silhouette is sharp, and it is also a point of design.material.

    It has a casual atmosphere pattern that makes it easy to move around and has a moderate roundness.The outer fabric is made of a thin polyester stretch fabric that does not interfere with the swing, and the lining is made of a mesh material that feels cool to the touch to improve the comfort of wearing.

    Style No. HCM-2C-AD03

Icon Zip Skirt | WOMEN

  • A light plain skirt with an impressive color zip design.There is a brand icon with a block logo on the front left and a geometry logo on the back.The pocket uses an original slider for the color scheme zipper, which is the highlight of the design.

    HORN GARMENT's standard miniskirt length is switched with a fine-looking effect.It is an integrated type of inner pants, so it is recommended for those who are worried about the mini length.

    Style No. HCW-2C-AE02

Trans Multiple Pants | MEN

  • Semi-wide pants that can be worn easily like track pants.We put a dot button with logo on the front, a zipper with logo on the front pocket and a spindle with logo, a geometry logo on the left side, and a MID CENTURY logo name on the left hem.

    The outer fabric is made of a lightweight, soft knit material.Durable and water-repellent finish on the surface, and water-resistant and moisture-permeable functional sheets on the back are laminated.In addition, the lining is made of a mesh material that is easy to remove from the skin, and it is finished in a suit that pursues comfort during the round.

    Style No. HCM-2C-AT02

Archives Golf Bag

  • A caddie bag with a colorful ARCHIVE pattern with a VACATION motif printed on a high-quality embossed synthetic leather material. Each panel is hidden with embroidered motifs, and this item has a HORN GARMENT-like design filled with pop impressions and elaborate gimmicks.The frame part is embroidered with the brand theme MAKE YOUR LIFE BETTER, and the lining is made of bore material that protects the club from scratches.

    Compatible with 46 inches, the mouth frame is 9 type and 6 port type.It weighs approximately 4.6 kg and is equipped with a large pocket, and is designed to store small items such as tees and markers, as well as gloves, balls and rainwear for each item.

    Style No. HCS-2A-SC21

Archives Boston Bag

  • This Boston bag is made of high-quality grainy synthetic leather material printed with a colorful ARCHIVE pattern with a VACATION motif. An embroidered motif is hidden in each panel, giving this item a pop impression and an elaborate gimmicky design typical of HORN GARMENT. The brand name is accented with ORANGE-colored tape in jacquard.

    Large capacity for 2 or 3 days' worth of clothing, with shoulder belt. The outside multi-pocket is convenient for storing a smartphone, card case, or other items that you want to quickly take out. Inside, there is an inner pocket with zipper and Velcro detailing to prevent falling. Small items can also be stored separately.

    Style No. HCS-2A-SB22