MARK & LONA featured in Golf Digest

MARK & LONA featured in Golf Digest

The appearance of participating in the brand's first PGA Show was featured in Golf Digest.The booth is designed in green and white, with entrances on all four sides, giving it a sense of openness. The 2023 S/S season's large-format visuals on the outer wall have been well received by many buyers.
Discover MARK & LONA 23SS NEW Arrival.

MARK & LONA - Stardust Knited Parka | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Stardust Knited Parka | WOMEN
  • This hooded knit parka has a water-repellent function to protect you from sudden rain and is ideal as warm clothes for the cold season. It features a metallic circle skull jacquard on the front, a brand logo expressed in jacquard on the back, and a 15th anniversary rapier woven name on the hood opening. The front pocket has a zipper for safely storing markers, forks, etc. While the silhouette is slightly loose for use as warm-weather clothing, the material's characteristic high stretchiness allows for flexible play.

    Ultra water-repellent PE-processed yarn is knitted on both sides to provide a high water-repellent effect. It is also lightweight due to the crimp (shrinkage of fibers) and has high stretchability. The hood and hem are ribbed to prevent wind from entering.

    Style No. MLW-3A-AD02

MARK & LONA - Jamming Function Jacket | MEN

  • This sporty hooded blouson combines lightness and strength. The brand's signature camouflage pattern is developed in a densely woven taffeta material. A three-dimensional silicon print of the signature logo on the left chest, a woven name badge with a circle skull design on the 3D pocket on the left arm, a name with an airprene motif on the 3D pocket at the back hem, and a brand logo print on the collar suspension are designed. Elegant silhouette with moderate roominess that does not interfere with swinging. The 3D pocket has a gusset that can hold a golf ball. The multiple pockets and dividers inside the pockets function to allow you to spend a stress-free time in the golf scene with many small items.

    The skin surface is made of a specially processed taffeta material laminated with a highly moisture permeable film. The surface taffeta material is also treated with a durable water-repellent finish, making it excellent at repelling water in the event of sudden rain, etc. (*) The back of the yoke is made of mesh material to ensure breathability. Eyelets are also attached to the sides to ensure breathability, so you can always stay comfortable without worrying about stuffiness.

    Style No. MLM-3A-AD03

  • MARK & LONA - Jamming Function Jacket | MEN


  • Seamless innerwear knitted by WHOLEGARMENT (no sewing). One-point CODE logo silicon print on front left collar and CODE logo on back hem in jacquard. Tight silhouette knitted in a way that conforms to women's body lines. Mesh around the shoulder blades, chest, back, and under sleeves, which have a high range of motion, prevents heat buildup and supports a comfortable round of golf. The structure is designed to easily follow any movement.

    Lightweight 100% nylon material. It is soft and supple, but also features excellent frictional strength and stretchability. Since there are no seamless areas, the fabric feels good against the skin, is resistant to streaking, fraying, and pilling, and has high durability. It does not wrinkle easily when folded and can be washed. It is a functional material with unmatched appeal.

    Style No. MCW-3A-AU50


  • The Cool Touch Tech polo combines technology with high-performance nylon stretch fabric for minimalist design and functional beauty. Triangle logo print on the left chest, season number print on the right shoulder, and CODE name crimped on the left sleeve. Contrasting line tape is crimped in various locations for a sporty and technical look. The refined silhouette has been completed by finishing the sleeves sharply, while giving the body and the shoulder area a roomy feel.

    This item is made of a high-stretch nylon material with a flat surface. It boasts high quick-drying and breathability, and also has a UV cut function. The seamless heat-compression bonding process provides unprecedented softness and comfort. The armholes, which are subject to frequent movement in the golf scene, are sewn to increase strength. The use of "ELECUT®" sewing thread with semi-permanent electrostatic reduction makes it ideal for wearing in winter when the air is dry.

    Style No. MCM-3A-AP50