Dressing for cold weather can be a challenge, but with the proper winter outer, you can stay warm all season long. Insulation and warmth are important, but there are other things to think about when choosing the right cold weather clothing.
Check out our guide to getting cold weather gear that’s not too hot, not too cold but just right!
Just by putting on one of these items, you can enjoy a fashionable and comfortable golf life.
Hope you take this opportunity to find your favorite item!


  • Water-repellent knit blouson with sporty transitions expressed in one-tone knitting. CODE logo printed on the left chest, CODE logo knitted on the back, and original logo printed tape on the front zipper pull. Regular fit silhouette with a slightly roomy pattern on the body, suitable for golf swings with a large range of motion. Front pockets are zippered for safe storage of markers, forks, etc.

    Lightweight and stretchy polyester functional yarn with enhanced volume and stretchability and soft finish is used. Several different knitting methods, including eyelet and mesh knitting, are used to create a highly breathable knit item that can be worn for a long season.

    Style No. MCW-3A-AD50


  • Packable down vest for chilly early spring golf. Features CODE's signature logo dynamically printed on the left body and triangle logo printed under the yoke. Front zipper has original CODE logo printed pulls. The packable bag is adorned with a three-dimensional printed CODE logo and a pith label. The box silhouette has a moderately roomy fit. The hem has a spindle design to prevent flapping and cold air from entering.

    The high-stretch polyester material has a special two-layer structure that creates a hollow space inside. No stitches are needed to stop the down, so there is no blowing out of cotton, and the down item is completed with a minimum number of parts. The packable construction allows for small storage and carrying. The voluminous, high-quality 700FP down is used to provide warmth and lightness, as well as easy compact storage and a firm sense of puffiness when unfolded. The inside of the back yoke features a mesh part that serves as a ventilation opening, allowing for a stress-free wearing experience without worrying about stuffiness.

    Style No. MCM-3A-AD51


MARK & LONA - Stardust Knited Parka | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Stardust Knited Parka | WOMEN
  • This hooded knit parka has a water-repellent function to protect you from sudden rain and is ideal as warm clothes for the cold season. It features a metallic circle skull jacquard on the front, a brand logo expressed in jacquard on the back, and a 15th anniversary rapier woven name on the hood opening. The front pocket has a zipper for safely storing markers, forks, etc. While the silhouette is slightly loose for use as warm-weather clothing, the material's characteristic high stretchiness allows for flexible play.

    Ultra water-repellent PE-processed yarn is knitted on both sides to provide a high water-repellent effect. It is also lightweight due to the crimp (shrinkage of fibers) and has high stretchability. The hood and hem are ribbed to prevent wind from entering.

    Style No. MLW-3A-AD02

MARK & LONA - Utopia Stretch Tech Jacket | MEN

  • This light outerwear with hood combines a collage pattern of various motifs associated with the season's "ELDORADO" theme with the signature ruler pattern. A metallic circle skull print patch on the left chest, a "NEVER ENOUGH" text logo print on the back, an airprene motif name on the right sleeve, and a logo stamped prancer button on the collar. The contrasting double russet and metallic shiny taffeta material used in parts of the garment gives it a sporty yet gorgeous look. The silhouette is elegant, with just the right amount of room without interfering with swinging. The hem has an adjustable function that reduces cold air and wind penetration and prevents flapping. While enjoying the change of silhouette, it is also an item with excellent thermal protection.

    Outer fabric is made of a high-density stretch taffeta material with moderate stretch, matte texture, and excellent durability. The lining is made of "Outlast®" mesh material with a temperature control function. It keeps you cool when hot and warm when cold, keeping you comfortable.

    Style No.MLM-3A-AD02

  • MARK & LONA - Utopia Stretch Tech Jacket | MEN