VECTOR DRIVE to go on sale in limited quantities
The Vector Drive - Clive Shaft model will be launched as the brand's 15th anniversary model.
The newest model to be released this time is designed to express the world view of MARK & LONA, The newest model is an original design, from the head, to the shaft, to the grip, and every detail.
The newest model is a black, neon-yellow accented design that is both innovative and stylish.

While retaining the high level of functionality and design of the previous model, which sold out by popular demand, the 2023 model features a premium shaft,For the 2023 model, we commissioned a special order for the high-end LEXIA series from SYNCA GRAPHITE, a company that develops premium shafts. The shaft features a special metallic finish with MARK & LONA's original VECTOR camouflage pattern design.
Limited production, this product offers powerful distance and the pleasure of ownership.

In addition, we supervised the fitting process and designed clubs for many tour pros,Club designer Yuji Miyagi, who has designed clubs for many tour pros and created numerous hit products, was asked to supervise the fitting.
The clubs are finished with settings that maximize the potential of the excellent design and high-performance shaft and head.
With wishes for the 15th anniversary of the MARK & LONA brand Please enjoy this special club, which will be available in limited quantities from the end of April 2023.

MARK & LONA - Vector Drive - Clive Shaft

  • MARK & LONA - Vector Drive - Clive Shaft
  • The shaft has a bit camouflage gradation design that changes from shiny IP plating to carbon tissue and then to BLACK from the end to the tip. The three weights are 46g FLEX:R, 54g FLEX:S, and 63g FLEX:S, all with a medium tone. Assuming players in each weight range, the lineup brings optimal performance for players seeking distance and stability. The unique stickiness and feel of the club improves the ease of getting in between shots when turning the ball back. The product features high reproducibility and product precision that consistently improves the meet rate, which is the most important factor in increasing flying distance. Full-length shafts are made of high trajectory prepreg that achieves both strength and modulus, characteristics that are conventionally traded off, to achieve a mild impact with less excess vibration and optimum low spin performance for maximum distance and control. All shafts are hand-wound and hand-polished by skilled craftsmen, and only shafts that have passed various inspection items are released to the world.

    Style No. MLG-3A-DR07