Active Wear for this Autumn/Winter

WORKOUT for Autumn/Winter Season

There’s no reason you can’t look stylish while you sweat the day out with these activewear from MARK & LONA. The athleisure series including matching sets in trendy colors like monotone, grey and moss green come in everything from tops to shorts, so you can look stylish whether you’re heading to training or playing golf. 

Two Lives TR Tech Hoodie | WOMEN

  • This TR TECH jacket is made of a high-tension fabric with a brushed back, making it ideal for winter training. It has bi-directional stretch, temperature regulation with moisture management, anti-bacterial, UV cut, and pilling resistance, making it suitable for all active situations. Signature iron skull/GOLF logo print on left chest, logo print on back, and signature iron skull/TRAINING logo print on hood. The logo is also designed on the adjusters and each zipper pull. The body and sleeves have a slightly loose fit, but the pattern is designed to fit without getting in the way when swinging. This item has been calculated to be easy to wear but not too loose. We recommend wearing it with the set-up design pants (MLW-2C-AT05).

    Made of "Artica by Carvico," a functional material with high stretchability, antibacterial effect, and UV cut effect (UPF50+). The hydrophilic finish quickly absorbs moisture, does not hold it in, and allows it to escape out of the fiber to keep you comfortable. The raised surface on the reverse side uses hollow fibers to hold in air for improved insulation. It keeps you comfortable and warm. Sewing is done with "ELECUT®," a sewing thread with semi-permanent electrostatic reduction properties.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AD03

Grand Layering Jacket | MEN

  • Mid-layer zip-up blouson in original jacquard material with layered standard quilt pattern and lettering pattern. A metallic-colored circle skull print is applied on the left chest, and each zipper has a puller with an engraved logo. In addition, it has coil zippers that are lightweight and follow various movements. While the tight-fitting silhouette is designed to accommodate golf swings with a large range of motion by providing a little more room around the arms.

    Highly stretchable multi-ply pile material is used. Converts moisture and perspiration into heat to keep you warm, and releases excess moisture to keep you comfortable at all times. Sewing is done with ELECUT®, a sewing thread with semi-permanent electrostatic reduction properties.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AD06

Cole Tech Fleece Jacket | WOMEN

  • Light outerwear that flexibly adapts to the movements required by athlete golfers. It is made of high-performance fleece material that provides the best feel and long-lasting warmth. The tight-fitting silhouette makes it a highly wearable item that can be worn as an inner layer on cold days as well as an outer layer. The front has an original pattern with the brand logo in a border pattern, a circle skull patch on the left chest, and the zipper has a puller with an engraved logo.

    Highly stretchable, multi-functional super micro fleece material is used. The front and back sides are bi-colored for a pop look. The stretch nylon material has an elegant sheen and is both strong and lightweight.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AD09

Gaia Jersey Top | MEN

  • This track jacket is full of functional beauty with a basic design and high-quality materials. Made of Japan-made jersey material with both firmness and stretch thanks to the ultimate compact finish. Brand logo on the left chest and golf or die logo below the collar on the back are expressed in three-dimensional flocky print. Circle zip pull on front zipper and jacquard logo tape on left and right sleeves. Recommended to be worn with the set-up design pants (MLM-2C-AT08).

    Relaxed-fit design with a slightly roomy body width, yet featuring an elegant silhouette and a pattern that allows for easy swinging. The size allows for easy movement and does not make the garment bulky, making it ideal for practice scenes. Made of a medium jersey material with moderate firmness and bi-directional stretch, the skin surface is dry to the touch to keep you comfortable.

    Style No.MLM-2C-AD04