Introduces some our new arrivals by CODE collection, from high quality wool mock-neck tee, high-spec comfortable pants to sleeveless tops and skirt that perfect for the coming Fall golf season!



  • Panel-cut sleeveless polo with symbolic BIG logo print. The popular men's item is now available in a women's version. The two-tone CODE logo print on the front, a triangle CODE logo charm on the left collar, and metallic buttons on the placket with logo engraving. The regular fit pattern allows for an elegant silhouette and easy swinging, while providing a little more room in the body width. This is a particular item that pursues lines that make women look beautiful.

    The main body is made of "JERSEYLOMELLINA_3D," a techno material with a highly fashionable three-dimensional structure that is also used for swimwear. It is a high-spec material with 2-way stretch, UV cut (UPF50+), quick-drying, breathability, and a perfect fit. In addition, "REVOLUTIONAL® MILD" by Carvico of Italy is used for the back yoke. This techno material combines an elegant appearance with functions such as abrasion resistance, fluff resistance, and compression. Regardless of how often it is worn or how long it is used, it always supports the body's movements, providing a perfect fit and excellent shape retention.

    Style No. MCW-2C-AP51


  • Tight mini skirt with a transitional design made of stretch cardboard material. Dot buttons with logo stamped on the front, CODE logo two-tone print on the right front skirt, woven ribbing with logo in jacquard on the back band, and CODE original logo triangle on the right back belt loop. Each zipper has an original puller. Just-waisted, tight silhouette that takes advantage of the material's stretchiness. A slit at the back center hem provides both style and ease of movement. Includes inner pants for when you squat.

    The cardboard material is made of high-stretch functional yarn and knitted into a special structure on a high-gauge knitting machine. It is lightweight and has firmness, stretchability, and shape stability. It is wrinkle resistant and is recommended as a change of clothes on golf trips. The waist is elastic-inbellied for durability, dimensional stability, and comfort.

    Style No. MCW-2C-AE50


  • This mock neck T-shirt is made of high quality 100% wool. It features a box logo print along the chest pocket and a gradient CODE logo print below it. The classic nuance of the mock neck is expressed while the roomy body and sharp sleeves combine to create a sophisticated style. The silhouette treatment applied to the back creates a sharper impression.

    Made of material manufactured by REDA, a long-established Italian carded wool manufacturer. Using Super 120's yarn made of 100% New Zealand merino wool, special processing is applied at each stage of production to maintain its elegant luster and soft texture, while also making it washable. It is a high quality material with excellent moisture absorption, quick-drying, breathability, anti-bacterial and anti-odor properties that can be used in all seasons. It has little fluffiness and does not feel prickly against the skin even when worn alone.

    Style No. MCM-2C-AA50


  • Lightweight track pants ideal for the driving range or practice scene. Logo-engraved dotted buttons on the front, gradient CODE logo print on the right side, triangle-shaped CODE logo silicone patch on the right pocket, logo engraved metallic eyelets on both pockets, and three-dimensional woven plain elastic with CODE logo in jacquard on the sides The logo is woven into the jacquard flat elastic on both sides. While retaining a moderate volume throughout, the hip and inseam transition creates a refined regular-fit silhouette that does not look fussy. The ribbed hem creates a tapered line for a smart fit. We recommend wearing it with the track jacket (MCM-2C-AD50) made of the same material for a set-up coordination.

    Lightweight polyester-lined fabric with "TEXBRID®" fibers featuring high tension, high stretch, durability that resists molding, and a soft texture. The solid surface texture with a discreet sheen creates a luxurious feel.

    Style No.MCM-2C-AT51


  • A lightweight stand caddy bag made of high-density twill material with elegant luster. The front pocket looks like a folded origami. The umbrella holder has a wave-shaped paracord attached to it to create a sporty design. The cotton-filled pocket, which is placed on the side and opens wide in the shape of a zipper, also serves as a putt when carrying it on the back of a dual shoulder. The point is the pull of the NASCAN logo tape that can be removed and used as a strap.

    Made of satin-like, elegant, glossy fabric, the caddie bag is perfect for the minimal style of the mode. The logo on the side and hood shines brilliantly with the edgy metallic texture of high frequency crimping. A triangle logo plate with a leather pedestal with epoxy resin poured into the pocket adds a luxurious feel.It's an ultra-lightweight type with a 9 inch mouth shape and a total weight of less than 3.5 kg. It's a dual shoulder type, so it's easy to carry around when you use it in a female player or in a practice area. In addition to a compact pocket that can store a variety of items, it also comes with a small magnet pocket. The hook on the hood part was made of a magnetic metal fitting FIDLOCK® with excellent hold feeling. FIDLOCK® is a metal fitting developed in Germany that comes off easily when pulled, And is designed to be safe and secure even if pulled forcibly when fixed. It can be operated intuitively with one hand, and the mouth is wide open to easily take out what is inside.Full set type 9 for 47-inch clubs. four-part partition

    Style No. MCS-2C-SC51


  • A self-stand bag made of high-density twill material with elegant gloss. The front pocket looks like a folded origami. The umbrella holder has a wave-shaped paracord attached to it to create a design that symbolizes luxury sports overall.The unit weighs only 17kg and is easy to carry with you, including several clubs for use during play or at the golf course. The pocket with a gusset with a U-shaped mouth has an open pocket inside. A cotton pocket placed on the side that opens wide in the shape of a zipper allows you to organize and store the things you need while playing, such as tees, balls, and markers. In addition, it serves as a putt when carrying it on your back with a dual shoulder.With a Jacquard logo strap, the thick shoulder pad is Velcro-style and removable. The resin handle can be used by hanging it on the frame of the caddie bag. Also, the stand part is equipped with Velcro tape to protect the legs, which reduces the tangling of the legs when sending and carrying them. The specifications are designed to focus on storage capacity and portability, and to be aware of the needs and movement of players. The point is the pull of the NASCAN logo tape that can be removed and used as a strap.

    This item is perfect for a minimal style in mode, using a glossy fabric that shines elegantly like satin. The logo on the hood shines brightly with a metallic texture with a high-frequency crimping edge. A triangle logo plate with leather pedestal poured epoxy resin on the front adds a sense of luxury. The combination's metallic material accentuates the high-end feel.Compatible with 47-inch clubs, two mouth frames.

    Style No.MCS-2C-SC52