A look at the newest drop in MARK & LONA 22AW

A look at the newest drop in MARK & LONA 22AW

MARK & LONA released new collection of statement-making golf clothes this week under the season concept of PARIS.

Here's a look at MARK & LONA's early fall collection, with more expected to drop later this year.

Studio Tech Jersey Crew Top | WOMEN

  • This elegant snidejack is made of functional material that has all the features to support the golf swing and provide high performance. Brand logo in silicone sheet with pearl-like studs on the front and back, laser punched heart skull silhouette on the back, and GOLF OR DIE logo print on the back hem. A slightly roomy silhouette pattern is adopted for inner wear. Ventilation function is also provided in the side areas where sweat is likely to occur.

    A highly practical sneaker jack with improved lightness and breathability. This item is also recommended for wearing on the driving range or in practice situations. Uses the functional material "REVOLUTIONAL?ZENIT" by Carvico of Italy. Regardless of how often it is worn or how long it is used, it always supports body movement, providing a perfect fit and excellent shape retention. Anti-friction fluff resistance, UV function (50+), quick-drying, breathable, compression, and perfect fit. This techno material combines an elegant look with high functionality.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AC03

Médoc Super Micro Fleece 1/4 Zip Top | MEN

  • This half-zip warm innerwear features this season's iconic fleur de lis (= lily of the valley) and signature iron skull design. Made of high-performance fleece for maximum comfort and long-lasting warmth, this piece is ideal for winter golf. It adopts an elegant silhouette with a little room in the body width so that it can be worn as an inner layer and also as a single piece of clothing.

    Highly stretchable, multi-functional super-micro fleece material converts moisture and perspiration into heat and retains heat. It also wicks away excess moisture, keeping you warm and comfortable at all times. Sewing is done with "ELECUT™" sewing thread, which has a semi-permanent electrostatic reduction effect. which has a semi-permanent static-reducing effect.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AC03

Cole Tech Fleece Jacket | WOMEN

  • Light outerwear that flexibly adapts to the movements required by athlete golfers. It is made of high-performance fleece material that provides the best feel and long-lasting warmth. The tight-fitting silhouette makes it a highly wearable item that can be worn as an inner layer on cold days as well as an outer layer. The front has an original pattern with the brand logo in a border pattern, a circle skull patch on the left chest, and the zipper has a puller with an engraved logo.

    Highly stretchable, multi-functional super micro fleece material is used. The front and back sides are bi-colored for a pop look. The stretch nylon material has an elegant sheen and is both strong and lightweight.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AD09

Gauge Rapier looms Sweater | MEN

  • This jacquard pullover knit is made of luxurious sponge-like wool yarn. The body portion features a dynamic design with an original camouflage pattern. The left sleeve is decorated with a woven label that precisely expresses this season's theme using a rapier loom, further enhancing the luxurious feel. The pattern has an elegant silhouette and allows for easy swinging, while also providing a bit of room in the body width.

    Spongish wool yarn with a deep melange color is used. The special knitting process maintains lightness and stretch while the inherent warmth and moisture absorbency of the wool supports comfortable rounds. This is a piece of clothing that is not only well-designed but also functional.

    Style No.MLM-2C-AB04

Atlas Glove

  • A left-handed golf glove with a gorgeous metallic color. The design is studded with MARK & LONA's attention to detail. A circle skull plate is placed on the band made of glitter material, and a logo pith name is sandwiched between the band and the glove. The back of the hand has a logo print incorporating the season's theme. The metallic material on the fingertips and metallic piping from the opening to the band tie the whole look together. This item has a luxurious presence and goes well with a variety of coordinates.

    Two-tone tricot fabric with excellent omni-directional stretch. Available in six sizes, from 9 to 25.

    Style No. MLS-2C-SG04


  • The second collaboration shoe with ASICS. In addition to the resale white color, a new black color is now available. Based on the spikeless model "GEL-PRESHOT CLASSIC 3" with a classical design, the skull camouflage pattern representing MARK & LONA is printed on the entire surface. The modern design is easy to match with a variety of styling. The upper material is man-made leather with microfiber fibers for excellent flexibility, providing soft and comfortable wearing comfort. The outer sole is rubber sole and the width is equivalent to 3E. More cushioning, special GEL to cushion shock in the heel is built into the midsole. Width: Equivalent to 3E Please select a half size larger when choosing your size.

    Style No.MLS-2C-SS10