Noteworthy MARK & LONA Denim Collection

Noteworthy MARK & LONA Denim Collection

The THIS NOT A DENIM collection has a lineup of golf shoes with studs, and white/black denim featuring high-power stretch, featuring stubborn details and a variety of lineups.

Please take a look at the noteworthy MARK & LONA Denim Collection.

MARK & LONA - Primo Polo | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Primo Polo | WOMEN
  • This short-sleeved polo can be worn in all seasons and is made of a lightweight cardboard knit with a denim-like print. The collar rib also uses a denim-like yarn and structure to create a sense of unity. The logo is expressed in glittering stones on the front, and buttons with a combination of crystals and pearls are placed on the back yoke. The back yoke is decorated with a bold logo print, and a logo pith label is placed on the left side. The regular fit pattern allows for an elegant silhouette and easy swinging, with a bit of room in the body width. The set-in sleeves with gathers at the sleeve hems create a feminine form. The trendy cropped length offers a style that does not require a polo shirt to be bottomed-in. In addition to wearing with the set-in design skirt (MLW-3B-AE22), this is a dress that makes bottom selection fun.

    Features a fluffy, lightweight cardboard knit material. It is water-absorbent, quick-drying, wrinkle-resistant, and washable. The denim jacket-like transitional design that matches the denim-style print shows off the body's lines beautifully. The sharp silhouette and ladylike details create an elegant style that is not casual down.

    Style No. MLW-3B-AP22

MARK & LONA - Abstract Degi Polo | MEN

  • This short-sleeved polo shirt features a bold graphic design with a strong presence while utilizing the functionality of the fabric. The ABSTRACT caddy bag, created by deconstructing and reconstructing vintage denim, is scanned at high resolution and printed on the entire surface. A rhinestone iron skull design is placed on the left chest, a rhinestone GOLF logo design on the right chest, and a stencil-style printed iron skull badge on the left sleeve. The body and shoulder area are roomy, while the sleeves are sharp for a sophisticated style.

    This item uses a corrugated cardboard material with the appearance of delicate georgette. In addition to high stretch and kickback, it has moisture absorption and desorption and breathability unique to polyester. The collar ribs are designed to have different colors and expressions on the left and right sides by combining threads and ribs left over from mass production. This eco-friendly polo shirt incorporates a reuse perspective and sublimates it into a design with originality.

    Style No. MLM-3B-AP22

  • MARK & LONA - Abstract Degi Polo | MEN

MARK & LONA - Blast Polo | MEN

  • MARK & LONA - Blast Polo | MEN
  • Sporty short-sleeved polo designed in an open-shirt style. Lightweight jacquard material with a fire pattern combined with the standard camouflage pattern is used to create a design with outstanding impact. Brand logo embroidery in writing style is placed on the left chest. The body and shoulder area are roomy, while the sleeves are sharp for a sophisticated style.

    The main body is made of a high-spec jacquard material that is quick-drying and lightweight, while the back sleeve cuffs and yoke are made of mesh parts. It has a dry feel on the skin while also being excellent in water absorption and quick-drying properties, keeping the wearer feeling dry and comfortable. It also has a ventilation function that discharges steam inside the garment to the outside. The collar ribs are made of a denim-like yarn and structure, making it easy to style with other items in the denim series.

    Style No. MLM-3B-AP21

MARK & LONA - Indy Stud Green Walker | MEN and WOMEN

  • Sticky and soft material that allows for a firm grip on the ground. Star-shaped studs with intricate uneven high and low profile firmly capture the turf and functionally help you play on golf courses in a variety of conditions. The box logo is also on the midsole. Shining through the original clear sole is the BIG MARK & LONA logo and camouflage in colors that work with the main body. The striking design is visible and hidden after shots and when walking. The insole is highly resilient with gel material, and as it is used, it adapts to the shape of the user's foot through weight and stepping on it, fitting the foot perfectly. The insole is designed to provide comfort and hold the foot in place. The back of the shoe tongue and the heel are thicker to prevent shoe soreness and provide a comfortable walking feel.

    Style No. MLS-3B-SS21

  • MARK & LONA - Indy Stud Green Walker | MEN and WOMEN