Notice about point policy

Point Policy 

  • Points are earned by purchasing items and can be redeemed into discount coupons.
  • In order to use earned points for discount coupons; 1 points or more must be available.
    [1 points = ¥1(=1 JPY discount)]
  • In order to use discount coupons, the total amount must be 1 points to up....

   ※Please note that MARK & LONA EXCLUSIVE MEMBER points are not available on this website.


Checking Your Point Balance

・Point Balance will appear after you logged in ,and click "My Page" on the upper right button.


How To Use The Points

①    Log in to own account
・ Click a menu on the top right corner.

・please enter an e-mail address and the password as you register.


②     Put the products in the cart
・click "Cart Page" of the upper right corner.

・click "Cart Page" button.


・Enter the point you want to use. And click "Check Out" Button.