Presents for Christmas with MARK & LONA

Presents for Christmas with MARK & LONA

Today is Christmas eve!
Still Thinking about Christmas Gifts? We recommend luxurious and practical items for Christmas.
Give the memorable moments for your loved one with our gifts selection in christmas.
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We wish Have a warm Christmas!

MARK & LONA - Studio Tech Jersey Crew Top | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Studio Tech Jersey Crew Top | WOMEN
  • This elegant snidejack is made of functional material that has all the features to support the golf swing and provide high performance. Brand logo in silicone sheet with pearl-like studs on the front and back, laser punched heart skull silhouette on the back, and GOLF OR DIE logo print on the back hem. A slightly roomy silhouette pattern is adopted for inner wear. Ventilation function is also provided in the side areas where sweat is likely to occur.

    A highly practical sneaker jack with improved lightness and breathability. This item is also recommended for wearing on the driving range or in practice situations. Uses the functional material "REVOLUTIONAL?ZENIT" by Carvico of Italy. Regardless of how often it is worn or how long it is used, it always supports body movement, providing a perfect fit and excellent shape retention. Anti-friction fluff resistance, UV function (50+), quick-drying, breathable, compression, and perfect fit. This techno material combines an elegant look with high functionality.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AC03

MARK & LONA - Sedecim Cashmere Layerd Neck Sweater | MEN

  • This pullover knit is made of high-quality cashmere with a faux layered design for playfulness. The jacquard iron skull and metal logo charm on the left chest and cashmere tag on the left hem give it a luxurious look. The pattern has an elegant silhouette and gives us an easy swing since there is a little room in the body width.

    It is used the cashmere material is called "the jewel of fibers" and fascinates wearers with its superlative softness and heat retention properties. Cashmere is made from the hair that grows to survive the cold winter months, so it has superior heat and moisture retention properties compared to other wool materials. You can feel the difference during midwinter rounds.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AB02

  • MARK & LONA - Sedecim Cashmere Layerd Neck Sweater | MEN

MARK & LONA - Le Golf Cap | MEN and WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Le Golf Cap | MEN and WOMEN
  • This luxurious 5-panel BB cap is made of velour material with a smooth texture and elegant luster and features a large embroidered 3D logo in the same color as the fabric. The 3D embroidered logo graphically expresses the word "Le Golf," the theme of this season. The visor is also embroidered with the MARK & LONA seasonal logo in the same color as the main body. The logo design is not too assertive, but creates a sophisticated image by unifying the colors of the overall design.

    On the side, an impressive metal charm logo with "MARK" and "LONA" swinging around is placed. Delicacy and beauty exist together in this particular design. The adjuster belt on the back is embroidered with the brand logo in gold thread. The graceful design matches the classical rounded silhouette.

    Style No. MLF-2C-FC19

MARK & LONA - Mara Knit Visor | MEN and WOMEN

  • Knit sun visor made of fluffy monochromatic yarn mixed with lame yarn and knitted into a herringbone pattern. The front has a three-dimensional embroidered logo. Pearls are placed at the base of the visor as if it were an accessory, creating a design that stands out for its feminine elegance. It is recommended to coordinate with the top (MLW-2C-AB10) and skirt (MLW-2C-AE09), which are also knitted with lame yarn.

    Softly fits the head thanks to the moderately stretchy knitted fabric. The skull swing hidden behind the visor and the Czech crystal glass stones on the ball are key points.

    Style No. MLF-2D-FC25

  • MARK & LONA - Mara Knit Visor | MEN and WOMEN