El Dorado Vibes for men

El Dorado Vibes for men

Only for men who enjoy the luxury of playing Golf!
Exactly, It is true that golf is a luxury sport.
You can spend a lot of money buying golfing clothes, shoes, clubs and other accessories. You can be up to date with the latest trends and change your golfing wardrobe on a seasonal or yearly basis in MARK & LONA.
Here is MARK & LONA new 2023 SPRING / SUMMER COLLECTION under the concept of “El Dorado.”
The combination of the high-quality all-over print, which reproduces even the most delicate lines and colors, and metallic material creates a one-of-a-kind, art-like design. In addition, MARK & LONA makes an elegant and gorgeous impression in the field.

MARK & LONA - El Dorado Polo | MEN

  • MARK & LONA - El Dorado Polo | MEN
  • Over-silhouette polo with dynamic lettering and contrasting logo. The collage of various motifs associated with the season's "ELDORADO" theme is expressed in an all-over print. A metallic skull patch on the left chest, a 15th Anniversary gold name on the left hem, and four-hole plated buttons with the logo engraved on the placket add gorgeous accents to the bold print. The oversized silhouette has a trendy feel, maintaining the same size in terms of length and neck area. The hem is adjustable to prevent flapping (using a cord with logo), so it can be worn bottom in or bottom out.

    Polyester material with a fine mesh structure. It has natural moisture absorption and wicking properties, keeping the skin dry while preventing the growth of bacteria that can cause bad odors. It is also highly breathable and dries quickly after washing. Its omni-directional stretchability accommodates various movements during play and supports a comfortable round of golf.

    Style No. MLM-3A-AP01

MARK & LONA - A/T/L Stretch Tech Jacket Jersey Biker Pants | MEN

  • Just-fit biker pants in sporty material with excellent kickback properties. Dot buttons with brand logo engraved on the front, airprene motif name on the left thigh, silicone mini logo patch on the right hip, and metallic mini charm with brand logo engraved on the belt loop. The biker-style transition in the silhouette expresses a three-dimensional effect along the line of the leg.

    The material is made of high-stretch functional yarn and knitted into a special structure on a high-gauge knitting machine. It is characterized by lightness, firmness, and high stretchability, and has excellent wrinkle resistance and shape stability. The hems have a spindle function that can be freely adjusted to match your styling and shoes.

    Style No. MLM-3A-AT01

  • MARK & LONA - A/T/L Stretch Tech Jacket Jersey Biker Pants | MEN

MARK & LONA - Jamming Function Jacket | MEN

  • MARK & LONA - Jamming Function Jacket | MEN
  • This sporty hooded blouson combines lightness and strength. The brand's signature camouflage pattern is developed in a densely woven taffeta material. A three-dimensional silicon print of the signature logo on the left chest, a woven name badge with a circle skull design on the 3D pocket on the left arm, a name with an airprene motif on the 3D pocket at the back hem, and a brand logo print on the collar suspension are designed. Elegant silhouette with moderate roominess that does not interfere with swinging. The 3D pocket has a gusset that can hold a golf ball. The multiple pockets and dividers inside the pockets function to allow you to spend a stress-free time in the golf scene with many small items.

    The skin surface is made of a specially processed taffeta material laminated with a highly moisture permeable film. The surface taffeta material is also treated with a durable water-repellent finish, making it excellent at repelling water in the event of sudden rain, etc. (*) The back of the yoke is made of mesh material to ensure breathability. Eyelets are also attached to the sides to ensure breathability, so you can always stay comfortable without worrying about stuffiness.

    Style No. MLM-3A-AD03

MARK & LONA - Prince Stud Pants | MEN

  • Luxurious trouser pants with rich shiny round studs and shimmering metallic patches. The left thigh has a metallic embroidered patch with a crown motif and a metallic print of an iron skull, a mini charm with an engraved logo on the belt loop, and metallic embroidery of a written logo on the right hip. Stylish tapered silhouette with room around the hips and thighs, slimming down to the hem. The hems are narrow for a sharp impression, and the inner thigh zipper allows for smooth on/off.

    The main material used is acetate, which is plant-derived and environmentally friendly, and has a grainy feel. In addition to moderate moisture absorption and desorption, it is characterized by moderate elasticity that prevents wrinkling.

    Style No. MLM-3A-AT06

  • MARK & LONA - Prince Stud Pants | MEN