Summer vacation season is quickly approaching and MARK & LONA has rounded up some white themed items to help show your Summer spirit.

Gauge Unlimited Sleeve Polo | MEN

  • Cleric polo shirt made of original camouflage pattern jacquard material. A metallic stone circle skull is placed on the left chest, a metallic logo engraved button is placed on the placket, and a skull swing embroidery is placed on the right side. A regular fit pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing is adopted while giving a space to the body.

    Using several types of polyester yarn, we have developed a special material with an elegant luster and unevenness. A lightweight and dry-touch jacquard material that supports a comfortable round, expressing the "TM CAMO PATTERN" that has acquired the design trademark. It is the first place that you can feel the commitment of MARK & LONA packed in a simple design.

    Style No.MLM-2A-AP08

Gauge 6PK Shorts | MEN

  • The brand's representative "TM camouflage" jacquard material has been renewed for the spring / summer season. Beautifully glossy 6-pocket shorts with upgraded thinness and lightness. Tuck button with logo on the front, rivet with logo on the pocket mouth, tea holder with logo on the left thigh, ring with logo engraved on the left side belt loop, circle skull embroidery on the left rear pocket, metallic crocodile embossed logo patch on the back belt I arranged.

    Made of high quality stretch jacquard material with polyester morphological stability, light weight, moderate stretchability and more refined luster. It features a smart silhouette that takes advantage of the material characteristics in the middle rise. It is also fully functional, with engraved ring parts that are convenient for attaching ball pouches, and holders that allow you to directly insert and store tees. A rubber inbell is used for the waist to pursue durability, dimensional stability, and comfort.

    Style No. MLM-2A-AT13

Nova Sleeveless Tee | WOMEN

  • A mock neck sleeveless T-shirt that can be worn elegantly. A thick print that symbolically combines swing skull x iron skull x brand logo is applied to the front, and this season's lettered logo print is expressed in dot-shaped gradation on the back. Taking advantage of the high stretch material characteristics, the just-fit silhouette that reduces extra gaps to the utmost makes the body line look beautiful.

    Uses the most advanced functional material "VITA" that Italy Carvico is proud of. It is a high-spec material with anti-friction, chlorine resistance, UV function (50+), quick-drying, breathability, and perfect fit. Sustainable fabric made of recycled nylon sublimates waste issues as a fashion solution. It is super resistant, thin yet soft, and stretchable. The back body is made of a material that gives a cool feeling due to the heat of vaporization caused by the evaporation of water. A high cooling effect can be expected due to the special cooling thread. The cooling effect lasts even after washing, and the heat and sweat generated by layering are quickly diffused. The best outfit for summer golf.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AA02

Gauge Hybrid Skirt | WOMEN

  • The jacquard material with the original camouflage pattern that represents the brand has been renewed for the spring / summer season. A tight skirt that combines a high-stretch jersey material with an original new material that achieves gloss, color development, and weight reduction while maintaining a fit style. BOX logo embroidery on the front left hem, circle skull embroidery on the back left patch pocket, and elastic logo mesh jacquard gradation tape on the waist belt for comfort. With just waist, it is a tight silhouette that makes the best use of the elasticity of the material.

    The main body is made of high-quality stretch jacquard material that has polyester morphological stability, light weight, and moderate stretchability, and you can enjoy a more elegant luster. In addition, the separate cloth is characterized by its good elasticity due to the high tension yarn that stretches vertically and horizontally. It has moderate elasticity and keeps a beautiful silhouette. By combining different materials, we finished the design with a fine-looking effect that emphasizes the vertical lines.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AE19