Affection Shorts | WOMEN
Affection Shorts | WOMEN
Affection Shorts | WOMEN
Affection Shorts | WOMEN
Affection Shorts | WOMEN
Affection Shorts | WOMEN

Affection Shorts | WOMEN


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Easy shorts that are dry, lightweight, and have 2WAY stretch functions, and are made of high-performance material "Dot Air ™" that can be used in harsh summer conditions. An original code key hook is placed under the right front belt, and a silicone patch with a logo is placed in the back pocket. The soft outline cloud camouflage, iron skull and graphical design with the LOVE PEACE logo are eye-catching.

It features a lightness like swim shorts and a relaxed silhouette. The waist belt is elastic and has an easy fit (with a belt loop). Adopts the latest "Dot Air ™" fabric that achieves an unprecedented flat finish and stretch recovery due to high tension. The special mesh structure keeps your clothes comfortable at all times, and it also has a water-repellent function that prevents light dirt and sudden light rain from entering.

How to care
[Washing method]
・ Please use the laundry net.
・ It is strictly forbidden to leave and wash.
・ Do not wash with other items when washing.
・ Please avoid using bleach and detergent containing bleach.
・ Do not stack with other laundry in a wet state.
・ After washing, immediately shape and dry in the shade.
・ When ironing, please use a cloth and avoid ironing the attached parts.

* This product uses some resin. Aged deterioration may occur depending on usage conditions.
* This material may transfer color to other clothing or underwear when it gets wet with friction (especially when it is wet) or sweat or rain. Also, if it is exposed to strong sunlight (or lighting) for a long time, it may discolor, so please be careful when wearing and storing it.
* The print of this product is a specially processed product. It is not permanent and will easily come off if rubbed or rubbed, and will become slightly thinner with repeated washing and cleaning. Please be careful when handling.
* Be careful not to rub the bag more than necessary when wearing it. * When dry cleaning is performed, in order to prevent color crying in the color scheme, pay attention to solvent management during washing, rinse thoroughly, and avoid leaving it in a wet state before drying.

36(S) 67 24.5 8.5 62 60 96
38(M) 72 25 8.5 64 64 100
40(L) 76 26 8.5 66 65 103

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