Camouflage patterns are representative of MARK & LONA items, such as the cleric polo shirt made of original camouflage jacquard and the mock-neck T-shirt made of jacquard with an elegant sheen that combines a cloud camouflage pattern and outline skulls.

Camouflage is a great way to accentuate your simple outfits.

This is also a great gift idea for Mother's Day.

Gauge Combination Polo | WOMEN

  • Cleric polo shirt made of original camouflage pattern jacquard material. A metallic stone circle skull is placed on the left chest, a metallic logo engraved button is placed on the placket, and a skull swing embroidery is placed on the right side. A regular fit pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing is adopted while giving a space to the body.

    Using several types of polyester yarn, we have developed a special material with an elegant luster and unevenness. A lightweight and dry-touch jacquard material that supports a comfortable round, expressing the "TM CAMO PATTERN" that has acquired the design trademark. It is the first place that you can feel the commitment of MARK & LONA packed in a simple design.

    Style No. MLW-2A-AP08

Gauge Skirt | WOMEN

  • The brand's representative "TM camouflage" jacquard material has been renewed for the spring / summer season. A 5-trapperer's skirt with improved luster, color development, and lightness while maintaining a fit style. Dot button with logo engraved on the front, tee holder with logo on the left thigh, metallic circle skull embroidery on the left back pocket, crocodile embossed metallic faux leather patch on the back belt, MARK & LONA identity everywhere Encrusted.

    The standard jacquard material has been brushed up to create a high-quality stretch jacquard with polyester morphological stability, light weight, and moderate stretchability, giving it a more elegant luster. It features a trapezoidal silhouette with a just waist and a slightly tight finish. Comes with inner pants that are safe even when crouching. The yoke part uses a high stretch jersey material that enhances the hold feeling. A rubber inbell is used for the waist, and it is an item that pursues durability, dimensional stability, and comfort.

    Style No. MLW-2A-AE02

Affection Mock Neck Top | MEN

  • A mock neck T-shirt made of jacquard material with an elegant luster that fuses an outline skull with a cloud camouflage pattern. An iron skull emblem is placed on the left chest, a piss name with a jacquard logo on the left side, and a three-dimensional embroidery of "GOLF OR DIE" on the collar. A sophisticated style with sharp sleeves while leaving room for the body and shoulders. The collar has a curved pattern around the neck that looks sharp and looks smarter.

    Using aurora lame thread, it is a graphical design that gives off a unique presence with an elegant shine. Uses high-spec jacquard material that dries quickly, is lightweight and has a dry touch. The collar is made of smooth nylon with excellent stretchability and is comfortable to wear without stress.

    Style No. MLM-2B-AA06

Gauge 6PK Shorts | MEN

  • The brand's representative "TM camouflage" jacquard material has been renewed for the spring / summer season. Beautifully glossy 6-pocket shorts with upgraded thinness and lightness. Tuck button with logo on the front, rivet with logo on the pocket mouth, tea holder with logo on the left thigh, ring with logo engraved on the left side belt loop, circle skull embroidery on the left rear pocket, metallic crocodile embossed logo patch on the back belt I arranged.

    Made of high quality stretch jacquard material with polyester morphological stability, light weight, moderate stretchability and more refined luster. It features a smart silhouette that takes advantage of the material characteristics in the middle rise. It is also fully functional, with engraved ring parts that are convenient for attaching ball pouches, and holders that allow you to directly insert and store tees. A rubber inbell is used for the waist to pursue durability, dimensional stability, and comfort.

    Style No. MLM-2A-AT13

Gauge Camo CL Bag

  • A cart-type caddy bag of "PREMIUM GAUGE CAMO SP", which is a greatly upgraded version of the standard camo jacquard series. The jacquard fabric made from CorduraR yarn, which is mainly used, is a functional material that is strong against tearing and fraying. You can use it with confidence even in tough situations. The logo on the front has a circle skull metal badge that looks like an openwork and a foil stamping print, creating a luxurious and stylish design that is typical of MARK & LONA. Genuine leather-like artificial leather with a calm texture is used for the combination fabric. A durable and minimalist surface that complements the main fabric. On the outside, pockets are placed at positions that closely assume various movements during play. In addition, the inside of the pocket is also equipped with a sorting pocket that can store small gear such as balls and tees, and a pocket that uses a brushed material lining that can store valuables such as watches, and has outstanding functionality. It is a cart type that is popular with men and advanced users, and the mouth frame is a mainstream size 9 type (compatible with 47 inch clubs), and it corresponds to a full set with 7 divisions. Brown, light gray (all new colors), and navy use cordura nylon and cordura polyester dyed separately to create a three-dimensional jacquard fabric with a distinctive pattern. Black is an ALL BLACK type with a hollow fiber cordura nylon pattern.

    Style No. MLS-1C-SC02

Gauge Noir Pentagon Grip

  • A grip that combines high fashion and design. The camouflage pattern that symbolizes MARK & LONA is expressed in chic color variations. In conjunction with the main body, a camouflage pattern and foil print logo are also put on the top surface. The original 2x2 PENTAGON pattern (pentagon type regular pentagon) processing reduces slip in all directions. It feels like it fits comfortably in your hand and is extremely easy to grip.

    By sticking a specially designed sticker between the transparent resin rubber and the inner resin color rubber and crimping it, you can protect it from dirt and enjoy the colorful design forever. There is a normal 48g type and a lightweight type of 42g. No backline, not compatible with air compressor.

    Style No. MLS-2A-ZP03