Performance sport fabrics: CARVICO

Athleisure style is extremely trendy in this period, and makes a frequent use of breathable, water repellent fabrics.

Today, we are introducing items that made by Italian CALVICO Fabrics that breathable and high-performance, sustainable.


  • A total pattern sneed jack made of technical materials with a special gradation print that combines lines, dots, and colors. The CODE logo is printed on the chest, and the triangle-shaped CODE logo is silicon-printed under the back collar. Since it uses a slightly loose silhouette pattern that is supposed to be worn as an inner, it does not look bloated even when layered. High-spec polyester yarn with high elasticity and flexibility is used for the collar, cuffs, and hem ribs to give a sportier impression. Zippered pockets on both sides of the front. It is also convenient for carrying small golf items such as markers.

    Made of techno material that combines the elegant appearance and high functionality of Carvico of Italy. Always supports body movements regardless of how often or how long they are worn. A perfect fit and excellent shape retention will continue. Multi-functional wear with high breathability, quick-drying, UV protection, and compression to reduce muscle fatigue.

    Style No. MCM-2A-AC50

Debold Mock Neck Inner | MEN

  • A mock neck inner that flexibly responds to the movements required by athlete golfers, using a microfleece material that fits the body like a second skin. Iron skull on the left chest, brand logo print design on the left body, and "GOLF OR DIE" logo print on the back of the collar. Contrast color piping is the design point. With an elegant silhouette that gives a little space to the width of the body, you can wear it as an inner or even one piece.

    The main body uses "COLORADO", a powder touch microfleece material with brushed peach from CARVICO of Italy. While having a UV cut effect (UPF50 +), it also has excellent elasticity and shape retention that closely follows the movement of the body. "Elecut ツョ", which has a semi-permanent static electricity reduction effect, is used for the sewing thread.

    Style No. MLM-1C-AU08

Nova Sleeveless Tee | WOMEN

  • A mock neck sleeveless T-shirt that can be worn elegantly. A thick print that symbolically combines swing skull x iron skull x brand logo is applied to the front, and this season's lettered logo print is expressed in dot-shaped gradation on the back. Taking advantage of the high stretch material characteristics, the just-fit silhouette that reduces extra gaps to the utmost makes the body line look beautiful.

    Uses the most advanced functional material "VITA" that Italy Carvico is proud of. It is a high-spec material with anti-friction, chlorine resistance, UV function (50+), quick-drying, breathability, and perfect fit. Sustainable fabric made of recycled nylon sublimates waste issues as a fashion solution. It is super resistant, thin yet soft, and stretchable. The back body is made of a material that gives a cool feeling due to the heat of vaporization caused by the evaporation of water. A high cooling effect can be expected due to the special cooling thread. The cooling effect lasts even after washing, and the heat and sweat generated by layering are quickly diffused. The best outfit for summer golf.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AA02

Anachron Polo | WOMEN

  • Short-sleeved polo shirt using the innovative functional material "SPIDER" of Italy CARVICO. A graphic expressing "space-time distortion" that symbolizes the season theme "TIME TRAVELER" is printed on the entire surface, and a metallic silver iron skull emblem and a metallic logo engraved button are arranged on the left chest. The collar uses ribs with a special mesh jacquard structure. We have adopted a pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body. It is a feeling of size of regular fit.

    Due to its polyester micromesh structure, it naturally absorbs and wicks moisture, preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria and keeping the skin dry. In addition, it is highly breathable and dries quickly after washing, and it is stretchable in all directions for any swing. Supports a comfortable round with light comfort.

    Style No. MLW-2A-AP02