The latest collection will go on sale on April 6, 2022.

The lineup is aimed at users who seek new trends while focusing on fashion and score, and features designs that emphasize versatility for both on and off-play based on the concept of "Efficient”.
The line offers high-end luxury sports apparel with a newly designed triangle icon, high-quality materials, and uncompromising minimalism and high design quality down to the smallest detail.


  • A mock neck sleeveless dress with an elegant and sophisticated impression, featuring switching between different materials and piping. The CODE logo rubber print on the chest and the triangle type CODE logo charm on the back. The upper body has a slightly tight fit, and a silhouette that spreads elegantly over the hem and a pattern that allows for an easy swing are adopted. The rubber cord with the waist logo gives a sharp look to the waistline when squeezed, and can be expected to have a style-up effect. Piping is sandwiched between the side panel lines for a feminine and refreshing impression. With a slightly longer length, it is an item that even adult women can easily wear.

    High stretch jersey material with high polyurethane content has UV care function, and also has solar heat insulation and water absorption and quick drying. Also, because the material is hard to see through, it is a nice point for women to be able to choose the WHITE color without hesitation. The mesh material used for the switching part around the shoulder is high-stretch high-performance polyurethane fiber, which also has water absorption and quick-drying properties and UV care function. It is the perfect outfit for summer golf, where you can play comfortably even on sunny days.

    Style No. MCW-2A-AO50


  • Feminine and elegant cap sleeve polo with see-through material on the chest. A silicone print of the triangle type CODE logo is applied to the collar, and a rubber print of the CODE logo is applied under the chest switch. It is a versatile item that goes well with any bottom and expands the range of coordination.

    Uses a high-resilience high-tension material that feels superb to the touch, using fine and supple microfiber. Taking advantage of the material characteristics, it features a nice tight feeling that creates a feminine silhouette. It has a UV blocking rate of 97.3% and has a cool contact feeling, making it perfect for summer golf. The mesh on the chest is lightweight and soft, and uses a material with excellent stretchability.

    Style No. MCW-2A-AP52


  • A high-tension polo shirt that eliminates waste and is particular about ultimate comfort. The CODE logo is printed on the front, and the CODE logo is woven with the "PRIMORDIALR" technology, which allows you to freely combine multiple organizational expressions with no sewing, cut-off specifications, on the back. It is a sophisticated style with sharp sleeves while giving a space to the body. By adopting a pattern with continuous sleeves from the body, it also supports a wide range of motion around the shoulders. While improving functionality, it is also a design point.

    Uses a polyester x nylon blend yarn that features high stretchability and a soft texture. It is a high-spec material that has excellent breathability, light weight, and durability, and is less likely to wrinkle when folded. We are particular about the mesh arrangement of the knitted fabric and flexibly expand and contract. It is stress-free even for large movements during a swing. In addition, the armpits and back, which are easy to sweat, have a mesh structure, so you can always experience a comfortable fit.

    Style No. MCM-2A-AP52


  • High-tension 5-pocket pants made from high-performance materials that achieve high performance. The right thigh has a 2-layer emblem with a triangle-shaped CODE logo, the right patch pocket has a 2-layer emblem with the CODE logo, the back of the left knee has a CODE logo print, and the front has a tuck button with a logo engraved. The design is accented by three stitches around the front and back pockets and inseam. It is a middle rise, tight straight silhouette that shows the style well.

    Uses 3XDRYR technology with two functions on one fiber. It has a function to create a comfortable cooling effect without making the traces of sweating noticeable, and also has improved waterproof and antifouling functions. It is also attractive that it keeps dry for a long time and the drying time after washing is speedy. Anti-slip tricot material is used inside the belt. While preventing it from slipping up when worn in a shirt-in, it enhances the fit around the waist, providing a comfortable fit and a clean impression.

    Style No. MCM-2A-AT57