MARK & LONA Bonus Reward Point Campaign!

Not a MARK & LONA World Market Member? Sign up now and get 50,000 points!

Become a member today to enter a world of golf apparel with benefits. Earn points, get exclusive offers and more!

*These Points can be used to pay for purchases made on the MARK & LONA World Market website. 50,000 Points are worth ¥1,500 JPY when used to buy any item.

MARK & LONA World Market Rewards:

Membership Information

For changing personal information (registration name, changing or adding registration address)

Please check “My Page” from here:

Order History

Members can check order history from “My Page”.

Member Registration

・Click an icon of the screen top right corner and move to creating an account page

・To complete member registration: fill in name, email address, and password and click “Create” button

Point Policy 

  • Points are earned by purchasing items and can be redeemed into discount coupons.
  • In order to use earned points for discount coupons; 250 points or more must be available. (250 points = $5 discount coupons)
  • Every additional 250 points are redeemable to $5. The discount coupon is valued according to the number of the points accumulated.

         500 points  = $10 discount, 750 points  = $15 discount, 1,000 points  = $20 discount ...

  • In order to use discount coupons, the total amount must be $250 to up.... Please note that you cannot use the point in the case of an order that is lower than $250 USD.

   ※Please note that MARK & LONA EXCLUSIVE MEMBER points are not available on this website.

Acquisition Of The Point

  • One point is given for every $1 in a purchase

Checking Your Point Balance

・Point Balance will appear after you logged in ,and click "Rewards Program" on the lower right button.

How To Use The Points

①    Log in to own account
・ Click a menu on the top right corner

・please enter an e-mail address and the password as you register

②     Redeem points to a coupon
・click "Rewards Program" of the lower right corner

・click "View" button

・Swipe the slide to the right and choose the number of the points you want to redeem

・click "Redeem" button when you choose an exchange point

・ click "Apply code" button

・After choosing items, then move to the check out page. A coupon code will be applied and a deductive amount will appear.