MUST HAVE ITEMS to keep in your golf bag

MUST HAVE ITEMS to keep in your golf bag

A lot of golf items are pretty essential to play and enjoy the game.
It can help to look like professional, Even if you don’t play like a pro. Dress like your favorite player or represent your favorite golf style.
Whether you usually walk or prefer to play your rounds in a cart, it’s important to keep your golf bag stocked with on-course essentials. Here’s our recommendation items you should always keep in your bag.
It will increase your confidence and performance.


  • Sneed jacks with improved lightness and breathability for increased practicality. This item is recommended for the driving range and practice scenes. CODE logo print on the chest and triangle CODE logo on the front left hem in foil print. The silhouette is slightly roomy for undergarments. Trendy cutout details have been added to the front raglan line to create both an elegant sexy look and functionality that prevents heat buildup.

    Made with Carvico's REVOLUTIONAL®, a high-performance material that offers a full range of functions to support the golf swing, with UPF 50+ UV protection, resistance to pilling, chlorine, sand, and abrasion, as well as breathability and quick-drying properties. It also features the comfort of a second skin.

    Style No. MCW-3A-AC50


  • The Sneed Jack combines luxury with a sporty vibe. The CODE logo in dot design is dynamically printed on the front, and the season number is printed on the right cuff. The silhouette is slightly loose and roomy for undergarments. Reflector piping tape runs through the body to create a crisp contrast.

    The 4-way high-stretch nylon material has a silky feel to the skin. While being extremely lightweight, it has high stretch, kickback, and water repellency, and is extremely comfortable to wear. Recommended to wear with track pants (MCM-3A-AT50) made of the same material as a set-up.

    Style No. MCM-3A-AC50


MARK & LONA - Lotus Green Walker Mid W/Strap

  • MARK & LONA - Lotus Green Walker Mid W/Strap
  • A mid-cut studless sneaker with a mid-cut belt that shows camouflage patterns in patchwork. It is a three-dimensional design made by hollowing out strong, light synthetic leather and metallic material into a camouflage shape and sewing it all over.The overall silhouette gives a classical and clean impression.Its simple and elegant design matches MARK & LONA's luxurious coordination. It comes with a tote bag-shaped shoe storage bag as an accessory.The sneakers fit perfectly and can be used as a carry-on bag.The heavy drawer-type package is also a point.It has a clean and minimal design and is also recommended as a gift.

    Style No. MLS-2C-SS02

MARK & LONA - Utopia Stretch Tech Jacket Bucket hat | MEN and WOMEN

  • This bucket hat with genuine cowhide drawcord has a great impact with its iconic pattern that embodies the theme. The base printed fabric is an elegant shiny satin base. The colors of the print are vividly expressed, creating a striking design. The sharply shaped, low-spread brim is also sanded with genuine cowhide leather for a luxurious look. The drawcord is detachable for peace of mind on windy days.

    Made of washable genuine cowhide. Available in two sizes, M size (58cm) and L size (60cm), and with Velcro size adjustment on the inside. This is a unisex item for golf and outdoor activities.

    Style No.MLF-3A-FC02

  • MARK & LONA - Utopia Stretch Tech Jacket Bucket hat | MEN and WOMEN