Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

MARK & LONA wishes you happy christmas & holidays and all the best for the New Year.
Today is the last day for free gift wrapping campagin.
Have a great holiday with MARK & LONA.

MARK & LONA - Aveux Spounge Jacket | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Aveux Spounge Jacket | WOMEN
  • This zip-up blouson combines sporty materials with classic details such as down and ribbed knit. The left chest features a skull print and a double MARK & LONA logo charm below it, while the upper back features a MARK & LONA logo print. The neck is made of knitted ribs to reduce cold wind penetration. The compact, fitted silhouette gives a minimalist impression. We recommend coordinating this item with the skirt (MLW-2C-AE36) made of the same material.

    A mix of cardboard knit material with moderate puffiness and a fine, beautiful surface texture and an elegant taffeta material with stretch properties. The back, sleeves, and side parts, which require a wide range of movement, are made of a highly stretchable cardboard knit, the upper front is made of down, and the lining is made of a highly stretchable windproof knit. This material provides both ease of movement and warmth, supporting a more comfortable round of golf.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AD36

MARK & LONA - Primus Hybrid Hoodie | MEN

  • Light outerwear that flexibly responds to the movements required by athlete golfers. Logo print on the left chest and hood, circle skull patch on the right chest, logo printed spindles at the hem, and zipper with logo engraved pulls. The tight-fitting silhouette makes it a highly wearable item that can be worn as an inner layer on cold days as well as an outer layer.

    Made of high-stretch polyester material with a smooth look and feel reminiscent of real suede. The front is made of nylon taffeta, which is ultra-lightweight and boasts high stretch and strength. Functionality is enhanced by combining different materials in a switch, resulting in a more casual design.

    Style No. MLM-2D-AD32

  • MARK & LONA - Primus Hybrid Hoodie | MEN

MARK & LONA - Nectar Short Sleeve Sweater | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Nectar Short Sleeve Sweater | WOMEN
  • This short-sleeved knit pullover combines warmth and stretch blend polyester yarn with crystal lamé. The slightly longer sleeve length gives it a classic look. The brand logo is expressed in jacquard on the front, and a circle skull chain charm is attached to the back collar like an accessory. In case of wearing inner, it gives regular fit silhouette with a little room in the body. We recommend coordinating with the tight-fitting knit skirt (MLW-2C-AE09).

    Elegant knit material combining excellent warmth retention-blend polyester yarn with elasticity and luxurious crystal lame fur yarn. This special knit with a one-of-a-kind expression is a star item that is sure to look great no matter what innerwear you take on with it.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AB10


  • Crew-neck knit with a deformed camouflage pattern softly expressed in mohair-like yarn. A three-dimensional CODE logo is placed on the left chest. The pattern has an elegant silhouette and an easy swing, while giving a little room in the width of the body.

    Polyester yarn with high stretch, light weight, and soft texture, and soft nylon yarn with long mohair-like fur are used. The moderate fleshiness maintains warmth and looks warm, making it ideal for fall and winter play. We recommend combining this item with a knit hat in the same coloring (MLF-2C-FC57) or items with the same color scheme for stitching and fasteners, and coordinating them by linking their colors.

    Style No. MCM-2C-AB51