Running-type sneakers with a combination design and the brand's standard wet pouch with a Vintage-like logo print on the front are just a few of the items that HORN GARMENT has to offer.

West Golf Jogger

  • Running type sneakers with a combination design. A design that mixes camouflage with an archive pattern of brand icons and a color design with good coloring are combined. The material is leather embossed synthetic leather and durable nylon. The heel is stamped with gold leaf, the back is gold leaf, and the tongue is embossed with the brand logo. The side is designed with a silicon part with a brand logo in a prominent color. The inside is made of mesh material to prevent stuffiness and odor inside the shoes.

    The insole is designed with an emphasis on fit, and comfortably assists walking and swinging. The outsole uses a classic running shoe type rubber material with grip. A pair that is easy to match with various styling and looks great at the feet of shorts and skirts. It's easy to put on and walk, and it's very useful not only in the golf scene but also when traveling to town or traveling.

    Style No. HCS-2A-SS02

VACATION Neoprene Bag

  • A new model has appeared in the brand's classic wet pouch. A VACATION patch and a pattern matching patch are attached to the front, and the woven name is treated with zigzag stitching under the patch. On the other side, we printed a pocket that can store a smartphone and a brand logo. Comes with a zipper to prevent the contents from falling.

    With a shoulder belt, 2WAY specification of tote bag and shoulder bag. You can enjoy coordination with a caddy bag or polo shirt of the same pattern.

    Style No. HCS-2A-SB08


  • A new model has appeared in the brand's classic wet pouch. A VINTAGE-like logo print is applied to the front, and the woven name is woven with zigzag stitching under the emblem. On the other side is a pocket that can store a smartphone. The pockets are decorated with the LOOK IN emblem and POCKET print, which are also used in polo shirts, to give a pop impression.

    With a shoulder belt, it is a 2-way specification of a tote bag and a shoulder bag.

    Style No. HCS-2A-SB09

Welldone Glove | MEN and WOMEN

  • Original gloves that are fashionable while specializing in functionality. The classic ARCHIVE pattern, the same ball bound duck as the polo shirt, and the graphic of G Jean on emblem are digitally printed on the highly elastic knit material to create a collage-like catchy design.

    The brand logo is transferred to the tab part. The palm side uses an embossed material with grip. We have a wide range of sizes from XS to L, and you can choose the size that suits your hand regardless of gender.

    Style No. HCS-2A-SG02