HORN GARMENT, which offers a colorful and pop collection with a resort-like atmosphere, has released new items for the 2022SS.
Items with an abundance of originality include a one-piece dress with an intricate combination of logos and a short-sleeved polo shirt with an original buwappen embroidered on an old aloha shirt.

Strike Mock Neck Tee | WOMEN

  • Mock neck T-shirt made of high tension smooth material. The design that combines the Wave'n Sun logo, which symbolizes HORN GARMENT, and the star line is expressed on the front.

    Brand name is attached to the left sleeve and left hem. Characterized by its elasticity and softness, it is the first place to match various scenes such as golf courses, beaches, and towns.

    Style No.HCW-2A-AA02

Olga Polo Dress | WOMEN

  • A dress with a complex combination of the HORN GARMENT logo. The signature logo is embroidered on the left chest, and the signature patch is attached to the left sleeve. The bold camouflage-like graphics give a casual feel, while the clean silhouette gives an elegant impression.

    A graphic design that expresses the HORN GARMENT logo in a camouflage style in three different sizes on a polyester material that absorbs water and dries quickly. Despite the overall pattern design, the monotone color scheme makes it look chic and coordinated. It is also recommended to wear color leggings and socks to enjoy the colors.

    Style No.HHW-2A-AO52

Welldone Polo | MEN

  • USED ON emblem print short sleeve polo. Aloha shirts and denim jackets, which are used clothes, are studded with original archive patches, scanned, and transferred to the fabric. A real VACATION emblem is attached to the left chest. It is an item full of originality that extrudes the individuality of the brand.

    At first glance, it seems to be random, and the point is the discerning emblem arrangement placed in an exquisite balance. The coloring of the sleeves and collar further enhances the unique design.

    Style No. HCM-2A-AP06

Jams Shorts | MEN

  • Old school design slit shorts. Logo embroidery is attached to the left hem, and parts with an aluminum-like logo are attached to the belt loop on the front right, making it a casual point. The back of the belt uses the logo print mesh material that was developed this season and has excellent quick-drying properties.

    Uses a dry-touch water-repellent typewriter stretch material that feels good against the skin. The front has a line design in the same area. It is an item that is useful not only in the golf scene but also in marine sports and leisure.

    Style No. HCM-2A-AT08