MARK & LONA has released the 22 AUTUMN / WINTER collection under the concept of "PARIS".
We guide you to outstading outfits from 22AW MARK & LONA, let's start with us as timeless looks.

Ecrin Puff sleeve Knit Polo | WOMEN

  • This long-sleeved knit polo combines a warm wool material with sparkling lamé yarn. An iron skull badge on the left chest, cord embroidery of the brand logo on the back, and classic pearl buttons on the front give it an elegant look. It has a regular fit silhouette with a little roominess in the body.

    The puff sleeves and long ribbed sleeves are impressive designs that do not interfere with swinging while maintaining elegance. The sleeves also provide warmth by preventing cold air from entering through the cuffs. The fabric is made of a gorgeous knit material that combines wool yarns with excellent heat retention and elasticity and beautifully delicate lamé yarns. The fine count lame yarn is soft and offers an unprecedented feel on the skin.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AB11

Sylvie Knit Skirt | WOMEN

  • Knit pleated skirt with striped bicolor stripes at the pleated ends. The "MARK & LONA" and "GOLF OR DIE" logos are jacquarded on the front waist and back waist, respectively. Slash pockets with zippers using hagis on both sides and patch pockets at the back are convenient for keeping tees and other small items. Just-waist trapeze silhouette.

    Soft 100% wool yarn and stretchy polyester combine to create a lightweight, sporty look. Elastic invel at the waist for durability, dimensional stability, and comfort. Supports a comfortable round of golf. The front is all pleated, while the back has a switch design with a pleated hem, giving a different impression in the front and back.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AE10

EZ Inverter Fleece Jacket | MEN

  • Mid-layer zip-up blouson in original jacquard material with layered standard quilt pattern and lettering pattern. A metallic-colored circle skull print is applied on the left chest, and each zipper has a puller with an engraved logo. In addition, it has coil zippers that are lightweight and follow various movements. While the tight-fitting silhouette is designed to accommodate golf swings with a large range of motion by providing a little more room around the arms.

    Highly stretchable multi-ply pile material is used. Converts moisture and perspiration into heat to keep you warm, and releases excess moisture to keep you comfortable at all times. Sewing is done with ELECUT®, a sewing thread with semi-permanent electrostatic reduction properties.

    Style No. MLM-2C-AD09

Este Uneven Jaquard Pants | MEN

  • Five-pocket pants in lettered jacquard with a tucked border knit. The uneven surface gives this item an impressive appearance. Four-hole buttons with brand logo stamped on the front and a foil-stamped logo patch with circle skull design on the back band. Metallic hemispherical studs at the pocket openings add a sharp accent to the design. The mid-rise, smart silhouette takes advantage of the material's characteristics.

    The tucked border, which expresses the border in tucks, features a three-dimensional effect that differs from the printed expression. It gives a more elegant impression. The use of fine count recycled polyester yarn gives it a light and delicate feel against the skin with moderate stretchiness. It is a piece of clothing that combines design and functionality.

    Style No.MLM-2C-AT13