MARK & LONA Special winter accessories for golf

MARK & LONA Special winter accessories for golf

In this time, we introduce accessories that can adapt to the bitter midwinter.
It is designed to be worn easily and fashionably as single items. Furthermore, since these items have ease of movement and relaxed fit, they are ideal for practice scenes.
Please take this opportunity to get winter accessories.

MARK & LONA - Vector Fleece Mitton

  • MARK & LONA - Vector Fleece Mitton
  • Mittens with a tabi-like design made entirely of POLARTEC® fleece. These mittens are filled with padding and are essential for keeping your hands warm on the golf course in winter. Sized to be used with gloves on, they can be put on and taken off smartly while playing. The iron skull embroidered on the back of the hand is combined with a polyester suede patch. The mix of different materials creates a crisp, impactful design. Coordination with apparel using the same material (MLM-2D-AC06, MLM-2D-AT16, MLW-2D-AE16) is also recommended.

    The main body is made of POLARTEC® fleece that boasts warmth retention, breathability, and high wind resistance. It is made of quick-drying and lightweight polyester, while the 4-way stretch ensures a wide range of motion. Vector camouflage pattern is printed on the fingertip switching design. The inside is made of a high-function raised material that converts moisture and perspiration into heat to retain heat. Excess moisture is released, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times.

    Style No. MLS-2D-SG11


  • Down-filled mittens with a simple yet original triangle quilt pattern. The triangle quilt pattern applied throughout is a particular design linked to the CODE triangle logo. The logo is an impressive combination of different materials, including a triangular silicone patch, stitch embroidery, and oil-based printed logo. The back of the hand has a sharp-looking watertight zipper pocket that not only accentuates the design, but can also hold a small pocket warmer or tee. The fingertips and palms are made of nubuck-like fabric that prevents slipping. This item is rich in functionality as well as design.

    Mittens with excellent heat retention properties for midwinter rounds. The mittens are generously sized so that you can put your hands in even with gloves on. Also recommended to coordinate with the Down Vest (MCM-2C-AD51, MCM-2C-AD52) and Knit Visor (MCF-2C-FC58) made of the same material.

    Style No. MCS-2C-SG52



  • Knit beanie with deformed camouflage pattern expressed in mohair-like yarn all over. CODE logo print on the front. The deep, fluffy fold-over design gives a flattering look to the head and face. The mohair-like yarn is designed to cover the entire surface of the skin, giving you a soft and comfortable feeling when you wear it.

    Polyester yarn with high stretch, light weight, and soft texture, and soft nylon yarn with long mohair-like hair. The moderate fleshiness keeps you warm and looks warm, making it ideal for fall and winter play. We recommend combining this item with a crew-neck knit in the same coloring (MLM-2C-FB51) or items with the same color scheme for stitching and fasteners, or coordinating them by linking their colors.

    Style No. MCF-2C-FC57

MARK & LONA - Surge Leg Warmer | MEN and WOMEN

  • Lightweight and warm cotton-filled leg warmers in stretchy corduroy-like cotton pile jersey. Logo embroidery on the sides of both legs and a brand logo chain-style charm above the embroidery. The elastic is built in at the mouth of the footwear for an excellent fit.

    The length of the garment wraps from the calf to the top of the foot, and the inside is made of a soft and warm fleece material. The inside is made of soft and warm fleece, providing excellent heat retention, making it a perfect item for winter golf. The zipper allows you to put it on and take it off without removing your shoes.

    Style No. MLF-2D-FS51

  • MARK & LONA - Surge Leg Warmer | MEN and WOMEN