Special items to bring to the lounge and to the golf range

With the warmer weather and the opportunity to play golf more often, it's a great time to buy a new caddie bag and new shoes. Why not get a new caddie bag or a new pair of shoes to match the increased frequency of your golf outings?

11columns Green Walker ZiP Low

  • Low-cut type studless sneakers with a punched pattern and textured synthetic leather upper material. Mirror-finished circle skull metal badges on the sides and skull studs on the back. The shoelace is also decorated with the "GOLF OR DIE" metal shoelace charm. The side zip with a strong presence is a metal fastener that gives a sense of luxury by polishing each part. By opening and closing the zipper, you can put your foot in and out smoothly without loosening the shoelaces. The toe guard is designed to cover the eyelet stay to reduce lateral vibration during swing and improve stability.The original sole uses a clear out sole with sticky softness. Star-shaped spikes with complex irregularities and height differences capture the turf firmly and help you play functionally even on golf courses in various conditions. What you can see through the clear sole is the circle skull logo that represents MARK & LONA. The midsole also has a box logo, which hides a casual playfulness that can be seen and hidden after a shot or when walking.

    By expressing the whole in one tone, a pair that has a sharp and minimal impression. The insole is a high-resilience specification with a gel material, and while using it, it adapts to the shape of the user's foot under load and fits perfectly as a foot only for that person. The mouth is designed for comfort and hold. The back and heel of the tongue are made thicker to prevent the shoes from rubbing and support a comfortable walk. Waterproof (no water immersion for 4 hours by standing still in 4 cm of water). It comes with a tote bag that can also be used as a storage bag for shoes, making it convenient to carry around in practice areas. It is a pair that is also appreciated as a gift because it is wrapped in a highly airtight and luxurious outer box.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SS31


  • Two collaborative shoes with ASICS. Looking at the back of the striped leather with ASICS, it matches the styling of the black model that makes up the house. ASICS is layered with artificial leather that uses the ultra-fine fibers (com fibers) that have just been straightened, giving it a comfortable fit. Compiler with shime GEL in the back leg.

    The point sole that exerts grip in the direction in which force is applied improves stability during swing. It is a waterproof type and uses deodorant and antibacterial materials for the inner sole.

    Style No. MLS-0C-SS10


  • The third MARK & LONA x ASICS collaboration shoes. Based on a hybrid design that combines curved lines and different materials, metallic vector camouflage is printed on the entire surface. It is a conceptual design with the same vector camouflage printed on the liner. GEL ? technology is built into the mid sole, and the MARK & LONA logo that can be seen through the sole of the outer sole creates a futuristic and sporty impression. The tape with the logo is also in the wire part in a line shape, and it is finished in a functional and visually tight design. In addition, it is equipped with a BOAR closure system (Li2) that can be attached and detached with a single touch. Since the dial platform allows fine adjustment, fine adjustment of "tightening" and "loosening" is possible without opening the dial fully.

    Style No. MLS-1C-SS09

11columns Cart Bag

  • A cart-type caddy bag that combines a monogram with a logo expressed in fine glossy dots and a metallic material. A logo with a minimal design is placed in a lean form that makes the most of the space. The handle part at the bottom of the front is integrated with the pocket. The built-in shape makes the overall form sharper. With a stamped logo on the front and a metal plate with a circle skull, it is simple and luxurious, and can be matched to various coordination.

    Metallic enamel material is used everywhere in the chic design, which is composed entirely of monotone, to give a sharp and sophisticated impression. A pouch with a removable wallet chain is in the side pocket, and the design is like wearing a silver accessory, further enhancing the sense of luxury. The pouch is removable and can be used as a tea holder or marker holder. The front pocket for small items is magnetic and can be easily opened and closed. The total weight is 4.6kg, and the mainstream 9inch mouth frame size. The pocket has an inner pocket that can store small items in detail, so you can use it functionally. A cover to prevent entanglement is attached to the metal part of the strap to enhance functionality and luxury.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SC32

Ruler JQ Cart Bag

  • A new standard series cart-type caddy bag that expresses the classical quilt style with a skull and logo. The main material used is jacquard fabric made from 100% nylon CorduraR yarn. As it is a functional material that is strong against tearing and fraying, it can be used with confidence even in tough situations. A foil stamping logo and a circle skull metal plate are placed on the front, and a high-frequency crimping 3D logo is placed on the hood. Genuine leather-like artificial leather with a calm texture is used for the combination fabric. The durable and minimalistic surface of the fabric complements the main fabric, giving it a luxurious finish. The combination fabric of the mouth frame and bottom part also expresses the same quilt pattern as the main body with a transparent UV print. The newly designed cart-shaped shape is smartly configured with diagonal fasteners. The geometric design using the straight line of the fastener and the versatility comparable to the Tour Pro model are attractive. Full set type 9 type specification for 47 inch club, 7 divisions.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SC12

Gauge Camo CL Bag

  • A cart-type caddy bag of "PREMIUM GAUGE CAMO SP", which is a greatly upgraded version of the standard camo jacquard series. The jacquard fabric made from CorduraR yarn, which is mainly used, is a functional material that is strong against tearing and fraying. You can use it with confidence even in tough situations. The logo on the front has a circle skull metal badge that looks like an openwork and a foil stamping print, creating a luxurious and stylish design that is typical of MARK & LONA. Genuine leather-like artificial leather with a calm texture is used for the combination fabric. A durable and minimalist surface that complements the main fabric. On the outside, pockets are placed at positions that closely assume various movements during play. In addition, the inside of the pocket is also equipped with a sorting pocket that can store small gear such as balls and tees, and a pocket that uses a brushed material lining that can store valuables such as watches, and has outstanding functionality. It is a cart type that is popular with men and advanced users, and the mouth frame is a mainstream size 9 type (compatible with 47 inch clubs), and it corresponds to a full set with 7 divisions. Brown, light gray (all new colors), and navy use cordura nylon and cordura polyester dyed separately to create a three-dimensional jacquard fabric with a distinctive pattern. Black is an ALL BLACK type with a hollow fiber cordura nylon pattern.

    Style No. MLS-1C-SC02