The Best Golf Shoes & Socks

The Best Golf Shoes & Socks for that Will Instantly Upgrade Your Game

Peak golf season is here! These days, you can find a golf shoe tailored down to your heel rise or preferred traction. We rounded up the best golf shoes and socks to keep you on the course longer.

11columns Green Walker ZiP Low

  • Low-cut type studless sneakers with a punched pattern and textured synthetic leather upper material. Mirror-finished circle skull metal badges on the sides and skull studs on the back. The shoelace is also decorated with the "GOLF OR DIE" metal shoelace charm. The side zip with a strong presence is a metal fastener that gives a sense of luxury by polishing each part. By opening and closing the zipper, you can put your foot in and out smoothly without loosening the shoelaces. The toe guard is designed to cover the eyelet stay to reduce lateral vibration during swing and improve stability.The original sole uses a clear out sole with sticky softness. Star-shaped spikes with complex irregularities and height differences capture the turf firmly and help you play functionally even on golf courses in various conditions. What you can see through the clear sole is the circle skull logo that represents MARK & LONA. The midsole also has a box logo, which hides a casual playfulness that can be seen and hidden after a shot or when walking.

    impression. The insole is a high-resilience specification with a gel material, and while using it, it adapts to the shape of the user's foot under load and fits perfectly as a foot only for that person. The mouth is designed for comfort and hold. The back and heel of the tongue are made thicker to prevent the shoes from rubbing and support a comfortable walk. Waterproof (no water immersion for 4 hours by standing still in 4 cm of water). It By expressing the whole in one tone, a pair that has a sharp and minimal comes with a tote bag that can also be used as a storage bag for shoes, making it convenient to carry around in practice areas. It is a pair that is also appreciated as a gift because it is wrapped in a highly airtight and luxurious outer box.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SS31

Ruler Green Sneaker | MEN and WOMEN

  • Classic quilt-style low-cut studless sneakers with a skull and logo. The quilt pattern is expressed by embossing on the entire surface of durable and light synthetic leather. With a classical and clean impression, a simple and elegant design, it matches the luxury coordination of MARK & LONA. Coordination with a belt of the same pattern (MLF-2A-FB01) is also recommended.

    The translucent material outsole is a completely original design. The studs, which are studded with star-shaped designs, are finished in an impressive design by changing the height difference and shape. There are 122 points of stars and cylinders of different sizes per leg, and they are calculated and arranged so that the grass is firmly chewed. A wall is added to the point of the cylinder, and it is designed so that the grip works against the lateral force when swinging. The camouflage pattern on the base also has a function to further add height difference, and it is designed to firmly grip the course of various conditions. Also, in order to have stability at the time of addressing, the maximum width of the toe side and heel side is set a little wider.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SS01


  • Low-cut sneakers for all sports scenes. Easy-to-care synthetic leather (texture) is used for the upper. "EASY ON / OFF" specifications that are easy to put on and take off. In addition, the "shoelace hook" detail that can strongly bind the shoelace is adopted, and it corresponds to the hard sports scene. The original "GOLF COURSE CAMO" pattern fabric is used for the liner and midsole to add an accent to the design.

    The midsole is equipped with gravis golf original "G9 Lv2". It has excellent cushioning and breathability, has many functions such as antibacterial, antifungal, and antibacterial, and can be washed with water. The spikeless sole developed for gravis golf provides high grip in all directions.

    Style No.GGS-2B-SS01

Rave Compression Socks

  • Functional sneaker socks recommended for those who want a comfortable fit. Non-slip iron skull design on the sole. The "MARK & LONA" and "GOLF OR DIE" logos are expressed in jacquard on the rubber mouth. Easy-to-use color development of WHTE / BLACK / NAVY.

    All-pile sneaker socks with a cotton blend that has good water absorption. The arch is ribbed to give it a compression function.

    Style No. MLF-1C-FS09, MLF-1C-FS79

G-Camo Regular Socks

  • Socks with the same "GOLF COURSE CAMO" pattern as the lining of shoes and caddy bags. As the number one sock producing area in Japan Manufactured in Nara prefecture, which is known as.

    Uses a blended yarn of cotton, nylon and polyester. The bottom is made of a cotton-blend material and pile specifications, providing a moderate cushioning feeling and hygroscopicity, achieving a comfortable fit. It is also recommended to wear it in town as an accent for coordination.

    Style No.GGF-2B-FS72, GGF-2B-FS02

Affection Socks Short | MEN

  • High-top sneaker socks that express the same cloud camouflage pattern as polo shirts and mock necks with jacquard. The MARK & LONA logo is placed on the mouth with jacquard, and the iron skull is embroidered on the ankle with aurora-colored thread.

    Because it uses a cotton-blend thread with good water absorption, it keeps your feet comfortable when you sweat easily. The same color development as the polo shirt (MLM-2B-AP13) and mock neck (MLM-2B-AA06) of the same pattern. The length is 7.2 cm, which you can see even if you wear high-top sneakers, so it is recommended to coordinate with the tops and your feet.

    Style No. MLF-2A-FS04