The pandemic has changed our lives.
Indeed, recent data show that we have vaulted five years forward digital adoption in a matter of around eight weeks and it has now touched every aspect of our lives, and like never before so that is exactly what we do “Time Travel”.

Our 2022 Spring/Summer Collection embraces new and disruptive ideas, and expresses that we walk together with our players ━Time travelers, making progress today towards a more optimistic tomorrow.

The star garments in the collection are the knit, polo, blouson and those with a graphics inspired by “Time Travel” such as motif of clock without secondhand, “Space-time distortion” prints.
In addition, our first resort collection line become 24/7 allies on long summer days with retro flower icons inspired by the 80’s take centre stage.

In accessories, New stitch pattern jacquard bag collection make the perfect outfit. All together, they achieve comfortable and innovative looks which break away from formalities and invite new future.