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When the weather turns and wind is howling, these bottoms will help keep out the cold.

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MARK & LONA - Verve Quilted Skirt | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Verve Quilted Skirt | WOMEN
  • This eye-catching trapeze skirt features a circle skull in quilted cotton stitched material. Dot buttons with logo stamped on the front, "Golf or die" logo embroidery on the front right pocket, and a down pack logo print part on the lower right back pocket. Camouflage jacquard faux fur is used on the front pocket. It is accented with warmth. Just-waist, with inner pants for mini-length.

    The outer fabric is made of imported high-density nylon taffeta manufactured by SOFILETA of France. While being lightweight, it is windproof, water repellent, and breathable, keeping you dry and comfortable for a long time. Circle skulls are quilt-stitched on it to enhance its originality. Lightweight down sheets are used for the padding, making it surprisingly lightweight.

    Style No. MLW-2D-AE14

MARK & LONA - Dell Stretch Corduroy Pants | MEN

  • Corduroy five-pocket pants with a chic yet warm impression. Tuck button with logo engraving on the front, metallic D-can with horseshoe motif on the left front loop, embroidered iron skull patch on the left thigh, pith name with jacquard logo on the patch pocket, Velcro patch with embroidered logo on the back of the belt, and Velcro patch on the left patch pocket to attach gloves. A Velcro patch is placed on the left patch pocket to which a glove can be attached. The identity of MARK & LONA has been sprinkled throughout. The mid-rise, smart silhouette is finished by taking advantage of the characteristics of the material.

    Thick 2-way corduroy material is used. The powdery touch raising finish on the skin surface provides an elegant feel against the skin. The rayon blend gives it a soft texture, a sense of fall, and a soft, fluffy feel.

    Style No. MLM-2D-AT15

  • MARK & LONA - Dell Stretch Corduroy Pants | MEN

MARK & LONA - Aveux Spounge Skirt | WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Aveux Spounge Skirt | WOMEN
  • This tight skirt combines sporty materials with classic details such as down and ribbed knitting. MARK & LONA embroidery on the lower right front and skull print on the left back side. The silhouette is not too tight, but has a good fit. The side panels emphasize the vertical line, making this a dress that will enhance your style. The back of the waist is ribbed, making it easy to move around in and out of. Coordinates well with the ZIP-UP Blouson (MLW-2C-AD36) made of the same material.

    A mix of cardboard knit material with moderate puffiness and a fine, beautiful surface texture and an elegant taffeta material with stretch properties. The front and back yokes are made of elastic cardboard knit, the back is switched with down from the lower back to the front sides, and the lining is a windproof knit with high elasticity. This material provides both ease of movement and warmth, supporting a more comfortable round of golf.

    Style No. MLW-2C-AE36

MARK & LONA - Forum Rapid Pants | MEN

  • These pants stand out with a big logo inspired by motorsports. Logo print on the left leg and right hip area, and logo engraved dot buttons on the front. The slim tapered silhouette has an excellent fit and takes advantage of the material's characteristics. Elastic invel at the waist for durability, dimensional stability, and comfort.

    Nylon twill material boasts high stretchability in all directions. The ultra-fine fiber weave provides a soft texture and high quick-drying performance. The navy color-coded zipper on the navy back pocket is linked to the navy color-coded design of the blouson (MLM-2D-AD34), which incorporates the same logo design. Set-up coordination can also be enjoyed.

    Style No.MLM-2D-AT34

  • MARK & LONA - Forum Rapid Pants | MEN