A Closer Look at CODE COLLECTION Official 23SS Style.
Bridging lifestyle with the sport of golf, the CODE COLLECTION sees new pieces and spans from dress, polo, short-pants and accessories.
Build your seasonal wardrobe with these spring and summer fashion must-haves by CODE COLLECTION.


  • Polo sleeveless one-piece with feminine see-through design. It has a triangle can with CODE original logo on the left back, CODE logo print on the left side of the back V-neck, CODE logo print and season number print on the chest, and CODE logo print on the right back pocket. The key point of this item is the see-through material switch design on the chest and back that draws the curves of the body. Gently curved side panel switching pattern is used to create a feminine body line. The fit-and-flare line is slightly longer than usual so that even adult women can wear it easily. Aurora reflective tape attached to the side panel lines reflects the summer sunlight and makes the garment shimmer and polarize.

    This dress has a feminine and elegant impression. The main body is made of a high-stretch jersey material with a high polyurethane blend, which offers excellent UV protection, heat blocking, water absorption, and quick-drying properties, allowing you to enjoy comfortable play on hot days. The material is also non-transparent, so women who are concerned about transparency can choose the WHITE color without hesitation. The see-through portion is made of a lightweight, soft, stretchy material.

    Style No. MCW-3B-AO50


  • Asymmetrical tight skirt made of dry touch functional material. The wrap skirt style design is fresh. CODE season number print on the front, CODE logo print and triangle silicon pith on the pocket tabs, and CODE original logo triangle can below the belt at the back right. Elasticized-in-belt around the waist. Smart silhouette with tight fit and stretch material characteristics. Asymmetrical hem design with inner pants that are comfortable even when squatting.

    UV-blocking stretch pique material with dry-touch full-dull yarn. Even light colors are not transparent and have easy-care properties. The slightly low-waisted design has a folded-back waist that visually raises the waist position. Equipped with five functional pockets, it is also a highly practical piece.

    Style No. MCW-3B-AE53



  • The Cool Touch Tech Mock Neck T-Shirt combines technology with high performance materials to create a minimalist design and functional beauty. It features a 3D print of the CODE logo on the left chest and a metallic 3D print of the CODE logo on the back. The collar is delicately knit with the same color yarn as the body, and the ribbed design fits softly around the neck. The mock neckline creates a classical atmosphere, while the roomy body and sharp sleeves create a sophisticated style. In addition, a gusset part that continues from the body is incorporated under the sleeves to follow large movements around the sleeves and prevent the hem from slipping up.

    High-stretch nylon material with a flat surface texture is used. It boasts high quick-drying and breathability, and also has UV cut functions. The heat-compression bonded, seamless construction provides a soft and comfortable feel. The armholes, which are subject to frequent movement in the golf scene, are sewn to increase strength, while "ELECUT®" sewing thread with semi-permanent electrostatic reduction effect is used.

    Style No. MCM-3B-AA51


  • These shorts are richly draped for a chic look, yet have seven pockets for extra storage. Metallic triangle-shaped charm with logo imprint on loops, metallic plate with CODE logo imprint on left hem pocket, CODE logo print on left pocket, triangle motif print on right hip, and rubber-touch plunger button with logo imprint on front The pants have a moderate fit at the waist, and are made with a lightweight, lightweight fabric. Relaxed silhouette with a moderate fit at the waist and a slightly longer length, about knee-length. Combined with the smooth luster of the fabric, they have both a classy and casual feel. These shorts can be worn by adults.

    A total of seven pockets of various types and sizes, including zipper pockets and flap pockets. The design is excellent for sorting and storing many small items in the golf scene. The main body is made of high quality wool material produced by REDA, an Italian fabric manufacturer with a history of over 150 years. The original function of wool is high moisture absorbency and desorbency even in summer, and while evaporating perspiration, it shuts out heat by insulating effect. In addition, blended with Lyocell, an ecological fiber recycled from eucalyptus trees, it has high functionality such as washability, moisture absorption, quick-drying, breathability, bacteria resistance, and odor resistance, while maintaining a soft and supple texture and draping property. The fabric has minimal shedding and is comfortable to wear as it does not feel prickly against the skin even when worn alone.

    Style No. MCM-3B-AT56