Conscious Fashion for the EARTH DAY 4. 22

Sustainability Items for the EARTH DAY 4. 22. 2022

 IIn celebration of Earth Day this Friday, April 22, let us give you some quick eco-friendly items that you can implement immediately.

Our Summer Collection is & Other Stories' sustainable capsule collection, which boasts summer-ready pieces breezy polos and important upcycle bag.

The pieces are all made of sustainable fabrics such as recycle nylon, recycled polyester yarn.

Nova Sleeveless Tee | WOMEN

  • A mock neck sleeveless T-shirt that can be worn elegantly. A thick print that symbolically combines swing skull x iron skull x brand logo is applied to the front, and this season's lettered logo print is expressed in dot-shaped gradation on the back. Taking advantage of the high stretch material characteristics, the just-fit silhouette that reduces extra gaps to the utmost makes the body line look beautiful.

    Uses the most advanced functional material "VITA" that Italy Carvico is proud of. It is a high-spec material with anti-friction, chlorine resistance, UV function (50+), quick-drying, breathability, and perfect fit. Sustainable fabric made of recycled nylon sublimates waste issues as a fashion solution. It is super resistant, thin yet soft, and stretchable. The back body is made of a material that gives a cool feeling due to the heat of vaporization caused by the evaporation of water. A high cooling effect can be expected due to the special cooling thread. The cooling effect lasts even after washing, and the heat and sweat generated by layering are quickly diffused. The best outfit for summer golf.

    Style No. MLW-2B-AA02

Ace ECO-Polo | MEN

  • A simple one-point short-sleeved polo accented with ribbed glossy threads. Three-dimensional iron skull embroidery on the left chest, skull swing embroidery on the armpits, and a plated button with a logo on the placket. The embroidery on the left chest and the color of the ribs match the body perfectly, while incorporating a three-dimensional effect and gloss to create a design with a natural contrast. Adopted a pattern that allows an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body. An excellent item that is easy to match with any bottom.

    Renewal of the original camouflage pattern material that represents the brand, which has both casual texture and functionality. The front side is made of cotton and the back side is made of dry-touch recycled polyester yarn. While having the soft texture of cotton, the DRY FAST process gives it quick-drying and keeps you comfortable for a long time.

    Style No. MLM-2A-AP09

Puzzle Upcycle Polo | MEN

  • An ecological theme patchwork polo that combines the residual cloth generated in the manufacturing process and recycled polyester Kanoko. While sublimating sustainable efforts into the design, we have created a piece that allows you to enjoy the texture of different fabrics. The left chest has a three-dimensional print of the ALARM skull, the jacquard name with the ALARM logo woven finely on the back hem, and the plancer button with the logo engraved on the front. The "Reuse" logo, which represents the theme of the item, is printed on the shoulder. In addition, the patchwork lines scattered at random are also finished flat with a special sewing machine, so you do not have to worry about the ruggedness of the seams when wearing. It is a trendy oversized silhouette that keeps the size around the neck and gives a little space to the width of the body.

    The plain remaining cloth is made of cotton on the front and dry-touch polyester yarn on the back. DRY FAST processing gives it quick-drying and keeps it comfortable. It is an original material that represents the brand and has both casual texture and functionality. The printed part is a Kanoko material that uses 100% recycled polyester yarn. It is a sustainable material that has UPF10 + functions and is also excellent in light weight.

    Style No. MAM-1D-AP01


  • An eco-bag with an impressive MARK & LONA-like skull motif and quilt design. In consideration of the environment, we use recycled materials (RPET) recycled from PET bottles. Since it can be folded compactly, it is recommended not only for golf but also for everyday use such as small shopping.

    It is an item that can be used in various situations.

    Style No. MLS-0C-SB78