Essentials Winter Golf Accessories

Essentials Winter Golf Accessories

Winter has finally came. Introduce you to a warm item, which is a essentials winter golf accessories in winter.
Please enjoy winter golf not only with golf wear but also with stylish accessories in winter.

MARK & LONA - Gauge Earmuffs | MEN and WOMEN

  • MARK & LONA - Gauge Earmuffs | MEN and WOMEN
  • These earmuffs are made of stretch jacquard fabric with a symbolic original camo pattern and an eco-fur liner for excellent thermal protection. The circle skull and fleur de lis (lily flower), which symbolizes this season's "Le Golf" theme, are symbolically placed on the ear parts with embroidery in the same color as the main body fabric. A plate with the "GOLF OR DIE" logo is attached to the back arm, giving the design a luxurious feel. Since it is a back-arm headphone type, it goes well with caps and knit hats. In addition to its thermal protection, the design is also attractive because it can be worn like an accessory.

    This material is made of high-quality stretch jacquard material with the form stability and elegant luster of polyester. In addition, the material is embossed with a ripstop-like finish to give it a sportier look. It is compact when not in use and easy to carry around in a small bag.

    Style No. MLF-2C-FO01

MARK & LONA - Tone Faux Fur Neck Warmer | MEN and WOMEN

  • This neck warmer with ribbed back has a strong presence of high-quality, soft eco-fur. The logo patch made with knit embroidery is a key point. The back is made of ribbed material with a soft feel and a large logo design. It also makes an impact on the back shot. The front has a vislon fastener for easy on/off. The vivid colors also serve as an accent.

    The inside is made of a high-function raised material that converts moisture and perspiration into heat to retain heat. Excess moisture is released, keeping you dry and comfortable at all times.

    Style No. MLF-2D-FN01

  • MARK & LONA - Tone Faux Fur Neck Warmer | MEN and WOMEN


  • Luxurious neck warmer made of 100% fine, ultra-fine cashmere yarn. A metallic plate with the CODE logo engraved on the front. The tape running through the plate is linked to the point color of this season's CODE series. The back features an original cashmere name, and the triangle-shaped CODE logo expressed in the name using only the weave structure is also noteworthy. Eyelets and pull charms are unified in a metallic design with logo engraving. The size fits moderately around the neck, and the top edge has a drawstring function to ensure that it is tightly aligned with the neck. Depending on the cold weather, the drawstring can be adjusted for added warmth.

    Luxurious cashmere material, known as the "jewel of fibers," is used to provide the wearer with the highest level of softness and warmth. High-density knitting has achieved an unprecedented cashmere feel and warmth. With a simple design that you will never get tired of, this item allows you to fully enjoy the charm of cashmere.

    Style No. MCF-2D-FN51

MARK & LONA - Surge Leg Warmer | MEN and WOMEN

  • Lightweight and warm cotton-filled leg warmers in stretchy corduroy-like cotton pile jersey. Logo embroidery on the sides of both legs and a brand logo chain-style charm above the embroidery. The elastic is built in at the mouth of the footwear for an excellent fit.

    The length of the garment wraps from the calf to the top of the foot, and the inside is made of a soft and warm fleece material. The inside is made of soft and warm fleece, providing excellent heat retention, making it a perfect item for winter golf. The zipper allows you to put it on and take it off without removing your shoes.

    Style No. MLF-2D-FS51

  • MARK & LONA - Surge Leg Warmer | MEN and WOMEN