Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day Gift Ideas

Luxury golf brand, MARK & LONA, introduces their Father’s Day selection, inclusive of best selling styles in fresh colorways as well as never before seen items. Find the perfect gift for Father's day whether they’re a classic golfer, a “stylish” one, or just golf obsessed.

Do Matter Polo | MEN

  • A polo shirt with a relaxed silhouette that has become a new standard, expressed in a color scheme. Not only can it be used for a wide range of styling, but it can also be worn in one piece. Gradation-like metallic iron skull on the left chest, silver-plated snap buttons on the placket, jacquard tape with the brand logo on the cuffs, and skull swing embroidery of metallic thread on the right side. With a sophisticated style with sharp sleeves while leaving room for the body and shoulders, the body itself is silhouetted to give a sharper impression.

    We have renewed the original material that represents the brand, which has both casual texture and functionality. The front side is made of cotton and the back side is made of dry-touch recycled polyester yarn. The quick-drying property of DRY FAST processing keeps you comfortable. The front is a snap button type that can be easily attached and detached, and is stress-free when putting on and taking off. A discerning design with a stitch in the center of the back and a discreet accent to the back style.

    Style No.MLM-2A-AP03


  • A catchy print that combines the CODE logo and barcode, and a silicone print of the triangle type CODE logo under the back collar. The front print is a discerning design that gives depth to the CODE logo and barcode logo with a difference in luster. The body has a moderate amount of space and sharp sleeves for a sophisticated silhouette, and gusset parts that continue from the body are added to the bottom of the sleeves. It follows the big movement around the sleeves and incorporates an epoch-making mechanism that prevents the hem from slipping up when swinging.

    Uses a high-resilience high-tension material that feels superb to the touch, using fine and supple microfiber. With a UV blocking function that has a UV shielding rate of 97.3% and a cool contact function, it is the perfect outfit for summer golf.

    Style No. MCM-2B-AA51

Jota multiple Jacket | MEN

  • A lightweight pullover blouson from the resort collection that revolves around the retro and iconic motifs of the '70s flowers and vintage clubs. Circle skull print on the right chest, brand logo print on the waist of the front body, hibiscus x brand logo print on the back, and elastic cord with brand logo print on the hem and cuffs. In addition to the water-repellent function that prevents slight dirt and sudden light rain, it has a detachable design that allows the sleeves to be removed. It is an excellent item with not only design but also functions that golfers are happy with.

    Uses a lightweight nylon material with a transparent washer. An expressive material with excellent water repellency, stretchability, and durability. It features a street-like style that incorporates the trendy oversized silhouette. By adopting raglan sleeves, a wider range of motion has been secured. Rubber is placed on the cuffs and hem to reduce the intrusion of wind and prevent fluttering. You can put on and take off the sleeves from the elbows, so you can enjoy dressing according to your mood and season.

    Style No. MLM-2A-AC03

11columns Green Walker ZiP Low

  • Low-cut type studless sneakers with a punched pattern and textured synthetic leather upper material. Mirror-finished circle skull metal badges on the sides and skull studs on the back. The shoelace is also decorated with the "GOLF OR DIE" metal shoelace charm. The side zip with a strong presence is a metal fastener that gives a sense of luxury by polishing each part. By opening and closing the zipper, you can put your foot in and out smoothly without loosening the shoelaces. The toe guard is designed to cover the eyelet stay to reduce lateral vibration during swing and improve stability.The original sole uses a clear out sole with sticky softness. Star-shaped spikes with complex irregularities and height differences capture the turf firmly and help you play functionally even on golf courses in various conditions. What you can see through the clear sole is the circle skull logo that represents MARK & LONA. The midsole also has a box logo, which hides a casual playfulness that can be seen and hidden after a shot or when walking.

    Style No. MLS-2A-SS31


  • A tape belt that combines genuine leather and glossy sheet woven tape. A three-dimensional logo made of silicon material is crimped on the cowhide part, and a high-density woven logo name is sewn on the tip of the tape. The concept of the CODE series is also printed on the back of the tape as a message. The parts that cannot be seen when attached are also packed with attention.

    The industrially designed matte black magnetic buckle uses FIDLOCKR, which has an excellent hold. A metal fitting developed in Germany that can be easily removed by pulling it, and has a safety design that will never come off even if it is forcibly pulled when fixed. It can be operated with one hand and can be attached and detached intuitively. The size can be adjusted steplessly depending on the stop position. Available in two sizes, S-M size (110 cm) and M-L size (125 cm).

    Style No. MCF-2A-FB52

Gauge Quartz Visor | MEN and WOMEN

  • Lightweight and dry touch jacquard bicolor sun visor. With iron skull embroidery on the front and "GOLF OR DIE" box logo embroidery on the back, it has a MARK & LONA-like finish. The crown is made of jacquard fabric, which features an elegant luster that combines the original cloud camouflage pattern and outline skull. It is a high-spec material that is lightweight and has excellent quick-drying properties. For the visor part, the same thread as the collar of the polo shirt is knitted in a mesh shape. The points are the skull swing hidden behind the visor and the rhinestones of the ball.

    A crown with a solid core material that is soft and fits your head. Uses a sporty lightweight buckle on the back. The adjuster part can store the excess inside and can be worn neatly. A feeling of size that can be used for unisex.

    Style No. MLF-2B-FC28