Find Favorite DRESS and PULLOVER for ladies

When coordinating bothers you, we recommend a dress that can be easily made pretty. We have a large selection of dresses recommended for such people. Also, you can enjoy them as layered coordinate with our pullovers.
Please enjoy various fashions with our dresses and pullover!

HORN GARMENT - Opal Polo Dress | WOMEN

  • HORN GARMENT - Opal Polo Dress | WOMEN
  • A diamond pattern dress with a Scandinavian touch. The standard polo material fit and simple design with a box-pleated A-line skirt docking. Handwritten-style written logo embroidery on the left chest. Comes with a reversible all-over pattern/solid color belt, allowing you to mark your waist and enjoy the change in silhouette. Pettipants included.

    Original jacquard material with soft, puffy yarn and water-absorbent and quick-drying properties. The cleric collar gives the overall design a crisp look, which is accentuated by the gold-colored belt. This dress has a classical and elegant impression.

    Style No. HSW-2C-AO01

HORN GARMENT - Gimme Wind Protect Knit Top | WOMEN

  • GIMME COLLECTION" is a newly launched capsule collection. The key phrase "I WANT SOME GIMME! The checkered flag pattern is boldly placed from the chest to the back, and the GIMME mark is set in the center of the checkered flag pattern. Catchy design. With pockets on both sides.

    The main part is made of lightweight, water-repellent stretch material, and the hem is made of water-repellent taffeta. Fully lined and functional. It is finished in a relaxed adult silhouette designed to be moderately loose, which is a nice point that prevents the garment from feeling bulky even when worn over an inner layer.

    Style No. HCW-2C-AB51

  • HORN GARMENT - Gimme Wind Protect Knit Top | WOMEN

HORN GARMENT - Dialogue Polo Dress | WOMEN

  • HORN GARMENT - Dialogue Polo Dress | WOMEN
  • Short-sleeved polo dress with color blocking pattern inspired by modern design art. Logo buttons on front, embroidered block logo on left chest, logo pith on right cuff, message logo name under front placket, and MID CENTURY style logo name on right back pocket. Sunglasses can be worn on the name under the front placket.

    Pettipants included.HORN GARMENT's standard regular one-piece with a waist seam to give a fuller silhouette. It is a particular design that makes you look stylish. Cotton-polyester all-over jacquard with water-absorbent and quick-drying yarns creates a natural atmosphere with its soft surface texture.

    Style No. HCW-2C-AO03

HORN GARMENT - Trans Sponge1/2 Top | WOMEN

  • This half-zip pullover has a strong presence with its original geometry pattern. Logo zipper on front and side pockets, embroidered geometry logo on chest, and MID CENTURY-style logo name on left hem. The pattern is designed to keep a clean silhouette and not hinder play while allowing room around the shoulders and body.

    A stretch quilt is used around the body that does not interfere with play. In addition, the original geometric pattern is embossed in a full pattern. The sleeves are made of a lightweight, puffy stretch cardboard material, providing both warmth and ease of movement. Coordinates well with pants (HCW-2C-AT06) made of the same material.

    Style No.HCW-2C-AC06

  • HORN GARMENT - Trans Sponge1/2 Top | WOMEN