Recommended floral items

The resort collection revolves around retro and iconic motifs of 70's flowers and vintage clubs.
Items designed to make you feel good just by looking at them are available.
The recommended short-sleeved polo in particular is made of rayon pile, which is supple and moist to the touch.
The polyester material used for the reverse side is water-absorbent and quick-drying, making it a perfect item for summer.
Why not try these fresh looking and comfortable floral items for summer golf?

Jota Terry Polo | WOMEN

  • A short-sleeved polo shirt made from thick rayon pile material from the resort collection that revolves around the retro and iconic motifs of 70's flowers and vintage clubs. 3D iron skull on the right chest, hibiscus x logo embroidery on the left chest, logo print on the back, logo engraved metal button on the placket, and swing skull embroidery on the right side. We have adopted a pattern that allows for an elegant silhouette and a comfortable swing while giving a little space to the width of the body. It is a comfortable item that is perfect for summer golf.

    Uses rayon pile that is supple and moist to the touch. Compared to normal rayon, it is less likely to become pills and has a refreshing feeling. The polyester material used on the back has water absorption and quick-drying properties, and it is an innovative material with a special knitting machine that gives it thickness and shape stability. Layering with a knit vest (MLW-2A-AB06) with the same hibiscus motif or coordinating with shorts (MLW-2A-AT12) is recommended.

    Style No. MLW-2A-AP06

Jota Crew Vest | WOMEN

  • Crew neck knit vest from the resort collection centered around 70's flowers and vintage club retro and iconic motifs. A metallic 3D circle skull emblem is applied to the left chest, and a special embroidery process of hibiscus x brand logo is applied to the back. The handcrafted embroidery on the back is the iconic design of this collection. A regular fit silhouette with a slightly loose body, assuming layering. It goes well with any tops, such as simple plains and gorgeous patterns, and expands the range of coordination.

    Uses high-count polyester processed yarn that is characterized by its flexibility and powder touch. With its non-stress comfort and moderate stretchability, it supports a comfortable round even when worn for a long time.

    Style No. MLW-2A-AB06

Jota multiple Jacket | MEN

  • A lightweight pullover blouson from the resort collection that revolves around the retro and iconic motifs of the '70s flowers and vintage clubs. Circle skull print on the right chest, brand logo print on the waist of the front body, hibiscus x brand logo print on the back, and elastic cord with brand logo print on the hem and cuffs. In addition to the water-repellent function that prevents slight dirt and sudden light rain, it has a detachable design that allows the sleeves to be removed. It is an excellent item with not only design but also functions that golfers are happy with.

    Uses a lightweight nylon material with a transparent washer. An expressive material with excellent water repellency, stretchability, and durability. It features a street-like style that incorporates the trendy oversized silhouette. By adopting raglan sleeves, a wider range of motion has been secured. Rubber is placed on the cuffs and hem to reduce the intrusion of wind and prevent fluttering. You can put on and take off the sleeves from the elbows, so you can enjoy dressing according to your mood and season.

    Style No. MLM-2A-AC03

Jota Cap | MEN and WOMEN

  • A sporty 6-panel BB cap made from ultra-lightweight material. A realistic flower print is applied to the eaves, and a 3D logo embroidery is designed on the front. I sandwiched the tape with the logo on the eaves. A metallic logo plate is attached to the back to create a sense of luxury in a simple design. It is an item like MARK & LONA that is particular about the back style.

    An American type silhouette with a rounded and sharp impression. The solid front panel keeps the shape beautiful. The buckle on the back is a sporty and lightweight type, and the adjuster part can store the excess. You can wear it neatly. The point is the skull swing hidden behind the visor and the rhinestones of the ball. It is a feeling of size that can be used in unisex.

    Style No. MLF-2A-FC15