HORN GARMENT produces golf clothing that is stylish and smart and they make you feel like comfort and happy that not only play on the course but also in-town.

16 Pique Knit Polo | WOMEN

  • 16GG kanoko-knitted border knit polo. The Signature logo is embroidered on the left chest, and the Signature emblem is attached to the right sleeve.

    Uses a knit material that feels smooth to the touch. The border and skipper design gives a clean impression.

    Style No. HHW-2A-AB53

Boteh hood jacket | WOMEN

  • A hood blouson with an original VANDANA pattern print, which is studded with pop motifs in a traditional pattern. Mainly paisley pattern, we designed an original pattern that mixes HAPPY SURF mark and stars in a large pattern. The logo embroidery on the left chest is neon yellow, and the front zip is a combination color of white and yellow.

    An easy care item that can be rolled into small pieces and put in a bag for carrying. The cotton-like nylon material has a water-repellent function, which is useful even in sudden bad weather or environmental changes. It is recommended not only for the golf scene but also for town use.

    Style No. HCW-2A-AD16

Please Terry Shorts | WOMEN

  • Surf Please pile vest made of soft pile material is now available in the Archive Collection using HORN GARMENT's archive motif. "Surf Please" chain stitch embroidery on the right chest and "Horn Garment California" embroidery on the left chest. Leaf pattern material is used for the back of the hood and cuffs. The collar has a cleric design with a color scheme, the spindle with an orange dip end, and the front opening has a wood button to give it a pop impression that is typical of the Archive collection. It is recommended to wear the same material shorts (HCW-1A-AC12) and setup.

    With a very soft texture and stretchability around the shoulders, an athletic swing is possible. It is a comfortable item that you will want to wear even outside the golf scene.

    Style No. HCW-1A-AC12

Archive JQ Polo | MEN

  • Short-sleeved polo with HORN GARMENT's classic archive pattern. It is a NEW model that mixes the season theme "VACATION".

    An original material expressed in jacquard using polyester thread and cotton thread. It is the first place that has both soft touch and water absorption and quick drying peculiar to cotton polyester.

    Style No. HCM-2A-AP15

MH Reversible Jacket | MEN

  • A reversible jacket with the "VACATION Mickey" motif that matches the original logo with the familiar Mickey illustration. VANTAGE Collection GOLD logo embroidery and velor H emblem are attached to the surface using silky satin nylon material. On the other side, Aloha pattern and Mickey are mixed and expressed by digital print, and the brand logo is designed with jacquard on the hem rib.

    The chic design with original embroidery and emblem and the catchy design with Mickey x Aloha's resort feel are a good contrast. The impressions are very different, so you can enjoy dressing according to your mood and coordination. As a lightweight outerwear, it is an item that can be worn in various situations.

    Style No. HVM-2A-AD01

Goddy Distressed Shorts | MEN

  • Shorts packed with commitment everywhere. I dared to sew it with thick stitches, and the first-class craftsmen who deal with brands all over the world gave it a tasteful damage processing. It has a repair process using Aloha fabric as a backing cloth, and a design like HORN GARMENT with a brand original emblem.

    A collaboration item with the jeans factory "e JEANS" that represents the Kojima area of ??Okayama prefecture. Known for its high level of technology and quality, it has a production record of over 2 million pieces. Development of indigo jog denim and stretch hickory. It is also very comfortable to wear.

    Style No. HVM-2A-AT02