How to style our CODE COLLECTION

HORN GARMENT's New Apparel Collection Is Full of Playful, Elevated Styles for This season as the seasonal themed "VACATION".
Recently the brand announced it's new 22SS apparel selection. The line is predominantly inspired by the resort style golf, where hues of yellow, rich green, and vibrant colors.

Look of Polo× Rocka! Shorts

  • [POLO]
    A short-sleeved polo with a pop color pocket design. The right chest and back are printed with a VINTAGE-style brand logo, and the left sleeve is decorated with the original Star-Spangled Banner emblem. By applying bio-processing, it has a USED-like look.

    Designed "LOOK INSIDE" emblem and pocket print on the left chest. The message is hidden in the pocket, and it is the first place to hide the casual humor.

    VINTAGE design shorts using denim-style stretch twill material. The embroidery of the old-fashioned design on the front pocket and the back pocket is a cute accent. Handwritten logo embroidery on the left hem and right back pocket.

    The front has an original dot button design, and the back pocket has a fake flap design with a pearl dot design. It is an item that is particular about casual details without making too much insistence.

    Style No.HCW-2A-AP05・HCW-2A-AT03

16 Pique Knit Polo × Stride Trouser

  • [POLO]
    16GG kanoko-knitted border knit polo. The Signature logo is embroidered on the left chest, and the Signature emblem is attached to the right sleeve.
    Uses a knit material that feels smooth to the touch. The border and skipper design gives a clean impression.

    Skinny pants made of high-performance materials that are perfect for the golf scene. The front is a W loop design, and the back is a detail with 5 pockets and a silicon ZIP. At first glance, the design is simple, but the signature logo is embroidered on the right side, and the emblem of the signature collection design is attached to the right back to add an accent.

    Uses high-performance materials that absorb water and dry quickly, have high stretchability, and prevent see-through. Supports a comfortable round.

    Style No. HHW-2A-AB53・HHW-2A-AT55

Roll over Polo × Alvin Shorts

  • [POLO]
    Short-sleeved polo with a pop original pattern. The camouflage pattern is mixed with the comical appearance of the ball bouncing to create a unique design. The placket has details that double as a classic sunglasses holder. The brand name is attached to the right sleeve and left hem.

    Uses polyester yarn jacquard material that absorbs water and dries quickly and has morphological stability. The lightweight and dry touch texture is perfect for summer golf. With a pop design that makes you feel better, it is also recommended to wear it at resort golf.

    Bush design shorts made of cord lane material with excellent water absorption and quick drying. Brand logo embroidered under the left pocket. Parts with an aluminum-like logo are attached to the belt loop on the right side of the front, making it a casual point.

    It features a dry touch and a stretchy texture. It has functionality in a basic design, and it is comfortable to wear even in the summer when it is easy to sweat.

    Style No. HCM-2A-AP08・HCM-2A-AT06

Olga Polo × Annexe Trouser

  • [POLO]
    A short-sleeved polo with a complex combination of the HORN GARMENT logo. The signature logo is embroidered on the left chest, and the signature patch is attached to the left sleeve.

    A graphic design that expresses the HORN GARMENT logo in a camouflage style in three different sizes on a polyester material that absorbs water and dries quickly. Despite the overall pattern design, the monotone color scheme makes it look chic and coordinated.

    Easy-to-move high-stretch tapered trouser. The Signature logo is embroidered on the right side, and the Signature emblem is attached on the back right. With a simple design that suppresses decoration and a clean tapered silhouette, it gives an elegant impression.

    Uses a soft and textured tricot material. It is a technical material with various functions such as excellent stretchability, water absorption and quick drying, cool contact feeling, and UV protection. The back pocket has a ZIP design that prevents things inside from falling. On the right side is a concealed ZIP pocket that is convenient for storing items such as tea.

    Style No. HHM-2A-AP52・ HHM-2A-AT56