MARK & LONA The BEST Knits Selection for winter.

We have a variety of knits that can be worn by itself like a turtleneck, or you can enjoy them with an inner wear. Our golf clothes of MARK & LONA combines fashion and utility in a way that only we can.
Prepare the upcoming golf season with a new knit.
Discover the best MARK &LONA golf sweaters

MARK & LONA - Carried away Vee Neck Sweater | MEN

  • MARK & LONA - Carried away Vee Neck Sweater | MEN
  • This V-neck knit features the signature chamois pattern in a single tone. The glittering lamé yarn is mixed in the same color to create a chic impression with a glamorous feel. A patch with a metallic white circle skull print is placed on the left chest. While having a little room in the width of the body, we have adopted a pattern that allows an elegant silhouette and easy swing.

    Acetate, characterized by its elegant luster and softness, is mixed with nylon, characterized by its lightness and durability, to produce a highly stretchable yarn. By multiplying special knitting techniques, we succeeded in expressing a camouflage pattern in a single tone. White lines are inserted into the collar and hem to add a sporty touch.

    Style No. MLM-3A-AB02


  • This eye-catching pullover knit features a technical color scheme switch and a unique uneven look. The bold design and unique silhouette create a mode atmosphere. Triangle-shaped CODE logo silicon patch on the chest and jacquard CODE logo on the back. The pattern is slightly roomy around the body and elbows for a golf swing with a large range of motion. Combined with materials that allow for smooth body movement, a comfortable round of golf is guaranteed.

    Hybrid material that combines the warmth and bulkiness characteristic of wool with the kickback and durability of stretch yarn. The fabric is quick-drying, moisture-absorbent, and comfortable to the touch. It also has high shape retention properties, and parts such as the cuffs, which tend to stretch easily, do not easily lose their shape.

    Style No. MCW-2D-AB51



  • Crew-neck knit with a deformed camouflage pattern softly expressed in mohair-like yarn. A three-dimensional CODE logo is placed on the left chest. The pattern has an elegant silhouette and an easy swing, while giving a little room in the width of the body.

    Polyester yarn with high stretch, light weight, and soft texture, and soft nylon yarn with long mohair-like fur are used. The moderate fleshiness maintains warmth and looks warm, making it ideal for fall and winter play. We recommend combining this item with a knit hat in the same coloring (MLF-2C-FC57) or items with the same color scheme for stitching and fasteners, and coordinating them by linking their colors.

    Style No. MCM-2C-AB51

MARK & LONA - Koromiko Turtleneck Sweater | WOMEN

  • This high neck pullover knit mixes wool blend yarns with colorful neps and sporty polyester yarns. A bulky lyan cord embroidery logo on the front and a bold outline skull on the back are also cord embroidered in lyan. The front hem is adorned with a woven label that expresses this season's theme precisely on a rapier loom. The pattern has an elegant silhouette with a little room in the body width and allows for easy swinging. It is a perfect winter dress that looks and feels warm to the touch.

    Hybrid knit that combines the warmth of loop yarn with the shape stability of polyester yarn. The combination of loop yarn with a natural feel and vivid-colored stretch polyester yarn provides lightness, stretchiness, and a comfortable feel on the skin.

    Style No.MLW-2D-AB05

  • MARK & LONA - Koromiko Turtleneck Sweater | WOMEN